How To Decorate A Large Tall Living Room Wall

How To Decorate A Large Tall Living Room Wall – Nothing screams louder than a living room with high ceilings. There is something so classy and refined in the atmosphere at the height of the high ceiling that makes everyone swoon. However, creating this space can be difficult. With so much extra space comes the responsibility of a well-thought-out matching decor. Recently, a customer had the same problem and decided to ask for help in his living room. Read on to know the effects of breathing?

This high ceiling required a lot of space in the living room, which required maintenance and presented difficulties along the way. Therefore, the designer has to find smart ways to make the most of the room. In order to achieve these results, the designer had to deal with several factors, including:

How To Decorate A Large Tall Living Room Wall

How To Decorate A Large Tall Living Room Wall

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The client came to us with a clear idea of ​​how he wanted his space to look. She loved the modern, industrial look of the interior throughout. But he was at a loss as to how to bring these things into the living room. Also the living room was large and untidy. The furniture was old, and he wanted to do something new when renovating the room. Above all, it was clear from her inspiring home that she was looking for a modern, sophisticated living room with industrial pieces.

After being contacted by the client, two very talented interior designers worked on a brief and created a basic concept. All these concepts were unique and tried to express the needs of the client. However, Berkeley’s mood board immediately appealed to the client, and he decided to go ahead with it.

The options provided by the designer were completely in line with the inspiration of the client’s living room. She also incorporated some household items to bring an industrial touch to her social decor. In addition, the modern pieces captured the customer’s desire for a modern space. After that, with a few tweaks, the customer was already on his way to the interior of his dreams!

The end result of a modern, sophisticated living room was amazing! It looked like it was taken from the best interior design magazine! The designer made major changes to the interior to give it a corporate but classy look. First, the dark wooden floor gave character to the space. Second, the long curtains from the ceiling helped soften the size of the space. Finally, just changing the center panel of the fireplace made the whole design look fresh and modern!

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When designing the living room, the designer used a rich texture. For example, a brown leather sofa with white stripes and cinnamon ink gives a contemporary look to the sofa. In addition, the designer seats in black leather add an extra dimension to the atmosphere. Wooden furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and bar stools go well with the environment of the floor and fireplace. A wool rug and linen curtains help keep the space warm and welcoming. To enhance the overall decor, a floor lamp and modern Sputnik chandelier keep the look contemporary.

As for the dining room, a tulip dining table with a wooden ceiling will complement the decor and make it more attractive. In addition, the furniture decorated with brass details, the glam lamp placed next to the buffet, as well as the artwork and artwork also help to create a contemporary atmosphere. Finally, the whole space is set with a modern pen that looks upwards to increase the height of the space.

The kitchen has been remodeled in the living room with high ceiling decoration ideas provided by the designer. Since the old cabinet was very old, it gave a lot of space to make good use of the new design. The change to black paint on the cabinets looks so cute! In addition, quick hardware upgrades and finishes improve space. Change the countertops to white marble, and grain to complement the dark cabinets. With the addition of a few items, the kitchen was perfectly combined with the living room of the highest level!

How To Decorate A Large Tall Living Room Wall

All interior design services come with a complete package to make the entire process easy for the customers. Above all, the designers work carefully on the functional interface and the concept board. Later, when the design is complete, real-time 3D renderings help customers visualize the space. Finally, every design package includes a shopping list with exclusive designer discounts and one-time purchases!

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Are you looking for decorating ideas for a long living room but don’t know which pieces will work well? Our in-house designers will provide you with the best options. Now you can achieve the same look in your living room!

Such internal effects can happen in your home too! So schedule your free internal consultation today!

Industrial Interior Design: Top 10 Tips for Classic Industrial Decor Before and After: 20th Century Modern Industrial Design Before and After: His and Hers Home Office Design Kitchen Trends 2023: Pro Design Ideas You’ll Want to Enter a Room with High Quality . ceiling and you will immediately hear the words “oooh” and “ahh”. The challenge is figuring out how to decorate the long walls and ceiling as part of the interior design. If you need help viewing your loft, book a room online first to avoid costly mistakes. In the meantime, here are some tips for decorating long bedrooms to make the most of your spacious sanctuary.

One of the easiest ways to “lower” the height of the ceiling and walls is to create an illusion. Large rooms where furniture and accessories are at the bottom can create an impersonal, cold atmosphere. Painting your ceiling a heavier color than your walls will reduce the size of the space. Deep colors such as rich cocoa in soft shades such as eggshell or warm pearl and improve their interior, open. This is also true if you add texture to the ceiling, which makes the design even more interesting. You can do this with paint, cork and tile method. Exposed wooden beams provide natural warmth to the ceiling and add a rustic element to the design.

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Caution plays an important role in rooms with high ceilings. Since most of the equipment is in the lower third of the space and the graphics and accessories are in the middle, you can use a graphic element in the upper third to include the entire space. Hanging lights draw attention upward while providing a fun way to differentiate living spaces in large spaces. A sparkling chandelier adorns the dining room, while modern lighting illuminates the living room comfortably. With this type of ceiling lighting, you can match the ceiling decoration to the rest of the design.

Not sure how to incorporate long wall decor ideas into your design? Save time and money by scheduling your free online consultation today! 3. Look closely at the long wall decorations

As mentioned, when it comes to space measurements, special attention should be paid to the scale. Long walls can be well decorated with large, heavy pieces that add to the beauty of the room. An impressive gallery, an art gallery, or a library of floor-to-ceiling shelves can make good use of a lot of wall space. If you have windows on high walls, consider using curtains to soften the feel and add pattern or color if needed.

How To Decorate A Large Tall Living Room Wall

Try any of these design options or combine them to get the most out of your loft. Save time and money by using online planning to view your property before you invest. The result will be a comfortable and beautiful interior that you can enjoy. Organize a free interior consultation and let designers help you create a beautiful space.

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Although high ceilings are a priority for many Dallas home buyers, they can present some unique challenges. People often stumble when trying to figure out what to do with the extra wall space above the door frames.

The key is to bring everything together by connecting the furniture, walls and ceiling. Read on for eight solutions to make rooms with high ceilings inviting and intimate.

De Gournay’s graphic animations add drama to these steps in the Dallas home we designed.

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