How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room

How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room – Sometimes when you move to a new place, the rooms will not look like your old family home. You might even find yourself in a property with a rectangular living room, which is a different beast compared to living rooms with open kitchens or the classic square layout of most living rooms.

But don’t worry, because the rectangular room layout still has great potential to express interior design, it just takes a few creative tricks. That is exactly what we have listed in this blog with 9 rectangular living room ideas to make the most of your living room.

How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room

How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room

The narrowness of a rectangular living room design means you may not have as much floor space as you’d like, but it also gives you the opportunity to make the most of your vertical space.

Best Small Living Room Ideas

Adding decorative details such as cozy key chains, trinkets or family photos on a shelf along the walls is a great way to utilize vertical space by separating items along the eye line. A nice, well-stocked shelf is also useful to incorporate this tip, especially if you plan to use this nook for reading!

Quick tip. Use what you have: A rectangular living room may seem a little cramped, but you shouldn’t focus on what it lacks, but on the space you have. Use every centimeter you can.

When learning how to arrange furniture in a rectangular living room, you need to focus on your corners. Similar to the zoning tip, this tip is about making the most of the space you have. In large or square living rooms, corners are usually reserved for floor lamps and plants, but with a rectangular living room design, it becomes more beneficial to place seating, desks, coffee tables and other functional furniture and decorations in your room. corner for additional use in the room.

A clear focal point is a key step in knowing how to decorate a rectangular living room, and if you’re lucky, the room already has one. Things like fireplaces or large windows that come with homes are good focal points for a room, while an entertainment center with a nice TV or bright mirror can have a similar effect, also helping to increase the sense of space in the room. cramped room

Beautiful Living Room Ideas For A Timeless Look

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Quick Tip – Consider the purpose of the room: some of these tips are more suited to a social life, while others may be more suited to a solitary existence. Think about what your living room is for.

When coming up with design ideas for a narrow rectangular living room, it’s usually instinctive to place the most important pieces of furniture against the wall, but we think it’s a mistake if you don’t have to. It is better to place the main elements in the middle, leaving space on both sides and free walls to create the feeling of a more traditional, cozy living room. Just make sure you still have plenty of room to move if you do.

How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room

With a rectangular living room layout, everything can seem too straight and horizontal, but a good way to combat this is to use furniture and decorative elements with rounded edges.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Living Room Layout

With rounded tables, chairs and even sofas, you can make your living room feel more inviting by softening the many straight, sharp edges found in a rectangular living room. Similarly, round and circular lighting elements such as table and floor lamps will help create the same effect in a more decorative way, as will round mirrors and wall paintings.

Whether you enjoy your living room with family, roommates or guests, you should plan your room with your feet in mind. Similar to our advice on moving furniture away from walls, you need to think about how people will be able to move around the room, especially during social events. This is especially important if the living room faces outside with a glass door leading to a terrace or porch, as you want people to be able to easily get outside for fresh air.

Making the most of the living room space can be a challenge, especially with a tight living room arrangement, but a reliable way to do this is to create separate zones. You usually find the main sofa and TV in the center of the room in one way or another, but use the space on either side of the sofa to create areas for different things.

A small coffee table with a few chairs will be a nice corner for conversation, and a comfortable armchair and a beautiful floor lamp can create a nice corner for relaxed reading. You can also use rugs to separate areas.

Rectangular Living Room Layout Design Ideas

Transform your living room into a relaxed modern country oasis with the Carpenter Square coffee table. The spacious top allows you to conveniently keep cocktails and snacks close at hand, while the open bottom shelf provides extra space for books or decorations.

Quick tip – Comfort before style: Everyone wants a stylish living room, but put yourself and your comfort first. Your home is not a showroom, it is your home and should be treated as such.

While the rectangular shape of your living room doesn’t always mean you’ll have less space, it often does, so we recommend using smart, compact furniture.

How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room

Items like hidden storage drawers in chairs and coffee tables are a good place for this, as they can hold things like blankets should a friend crash on the couch. Likewise, corner shelves are a great way to fill your living room with decor without taking up too much valuable space. Make the most of the space and shape in your living room.

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Hopefully, with these creative tricks, you can now confidently approach the arrangement and decoration of your rectangular living room! Remember that exploring the possibilities of new and unfamiliar room shapes is a great way to grow as an interior designer and also gives you the opportunity to add style and expression to a space. You can think outside the box when it comes to designing your living room, you don’t have to be boxy!

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How To Decorate A Large Rectangular Living Room

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