How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room – A compilation of the 20 best DIY wall decorating ideas, plus tutorials and tips on how to easily create the look and achieve a minimalist design look.

Like writer’s block when you’re staring at a blank screen and that flashing cursor just taunts you as you try to strain your brain to get the words onto the page?

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

But instead of a blank screen, it’s a big blank wall. And the worst thing is that there are so many empty walls in the house that it is easy to leave.

How To Decorate A Blank Wall

But what’s the fun in that? (I think I like the idea of ​​a minimalist style, but I need it

Whenever I ask the question, “What are you struggling with breathing?” For the Easy Decorating series, I always get a flood of the same response: “I need help decorating my wall!”

So just for fun, I’ve rounded up 20 AWESOME DIY wall decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing to fill those empty walls with tons of personality.

Yes, they still are. And no, they don’t have to look like a bunch of random clutter pinned to your sheet. There are many possibilities for different configurations of your frame.

Ways To Decorate That Big Blank Wall You’re Trying To Avoid

I like to stick to black and white photos to keep it simple. Or hide art groups with the same color scheme. If you want to be eclectic, change your color palette to a wider range for visual interest.

And if you need great hacks, this is my go-to method every time. And this is my trick to put the nail in the right place every time without “oops” holes in the nail.

Here are some gallery wall decorating ideas to help organize your arrangement. A general rule of thumb is to space frames 2-6 inches apart so they look like a vertical group.

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

Create a gallery wall of several mirrors or hang/support a large mirror to make a big impression in the room.

Blank Canvas To A Masterpiece

Make it more emotional by choosing a card where you live, the city/state you grew up in, the country you’re from, etc.

I love hats as wall decor ideas to add texture and warmth to a space. Keep your eyes peeled at the thrift store and you’ll be able to snag one for super cheap.

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Art is not necessary if you have a beautiful background that attracts attention. Some of my favorite wallpaper patterns are here and here.

How To Decorate Your Walls

When you have a thick bar with a lot of character, that’s beautiful in itself. Wall decoration of your choice. Find instructions for several different wall moldings here:

I love that floating shelves can make an accent wall feel cozy and allow for lots of texture. Check out the shelf design tips here.

Sometimes you just need a simple piece of art with a focal point that makes a statement. Bonus: It helps make a small space look bigger. Or you can make large scale art yourself using this trick and poster/technique printing.

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

If you want to save some money but still get the wallpaper effect, this project is very easy and cheap to do.

Easy Ways To Decorate A Large Wall (without Using Framed Art) — House On A Sugar Hill

Look in your yard for flowers, leaves and twigs that you can press into the frame of the float. It’s a completely free and fun little project.

They don’t look like much, but the hooks are perfectly considered as a wall decoration. Their performance is an advantage. 😉

Write your favorite verses, quotes or lines from literature, print them on engineering paper and illustrate them on bare walls.

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Ways To Style A Big Blank Wall

Another good way to add texture and finish off empty walls is to find wall hangings for just a few dollars at a thrift store.

If you have handwritten treasures from your loved ones or ancestors, preserve them with this UV film method and frame them to remember them forever.

But if that’s not a great starting point for solving some interior wall decoration issues, I don’t know what is. 😉

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

A general “rule of thumb” is to hang pictures at eye level approximately 60″ to 63″ from the floor to the center of the picture. Use that measurement as a starting point to adjust the ceiling height as needed or if the painting will hang over a piece of furniture.

Best Wall Decor Ideas (for Any Budget)

When grouping two or more pieces of art together, it’s best to space them 3 to 6 inches apart. A large, blank wall is the perfect place to express your design sensibilities and personal interests. So, don’t let a blank wall remain undecorated. Our senior designers have these tips on how to decorate an empty wall.

If you have an empty wall in your home, use it to show a side of your personality that is not seen anywhere else. And if you want to show your love for Mother Nature, consider a wall of living plants. A vertical plant wall requires less water than regular houseplants and takes up less space. Check out the living plant wall we hung in the lobby of this penthouse overlooking Central Park West.

If you’re decorating a large blank wall, consider expanding your art collection. “Art flows on the walls” isn’t the most groundbreaking design advice, but consider all the ways you can express your depth. A collection of four prints by the same artist hangs in the study of this family home in Westchester, making a bold entry into this vibrant home.

If you’re looking for ways to dress up an empty wall, consider wallpaper. We especially love geometric patterns, because they look textured without being overwhelming. In the lobby of this Upper East Side apartment, we covered the walls with gold wallpaper to create a grand entrance to this luxury home.

Design Tips For How To Decorate A Large Blank Wall In Your Home

If you are decorating the wall from the inside, we highly recommend a mirror. It will make your space more spacious and also give you a chance to decorate your empty wall. To match the Art Deco light fixtures in this Upper East Side townhouse, we sourced the perfect full-length mirror.

If you’re looking for more space to display your decorative items, consider turning your empty wall into an open space. Books, decorative objects, wood and sculptures fit perfectly on these black shelves. Just keep your shelves clean to keep your open storage shelves looking neat and clutter-free.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up an empty wall, consider a new color. You don’t have to paint the entire wall. When Signpost asked us to redesign their office space, we gave each of their meeting rooms a bright, bold strip of color. This not only increased their office space, but also helped them use each room for different types of meetings.

How To Decorate A Blank Wall In A Living Room

And if you have an unusual wall space that you are trying to decorate, consider decorative items. We faced just that challenge at this home office in the Hamptons. To address the office space of this beach house, we chose a collection of rustic wooden chairs and hung them as wall art. Figuring out how to decorate a large blank wall in your home can be difficult, whether it’s a large wall in the living room or the space above the bed, it’s not always easy to find the right solution that looks natural. And express your personal style. Today I want to show you some ways that I have decorated large blank walls in my house that can give you some solutions for your space.

Creative Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

Perhaps the least complicated solution to filling a large empty wall is to use a large piece of art or architecture that can be hung on the wall.

In our family room, I hung an old leaded glass window above the console table to add some texture and interest without making a huge color statement. This allowed me to fill the wall in a very neutral way and add other artwork around the room without it looking too busy or cluttered.

I made a bolder choice in our dining room, placing a large floral print on a bare wall between the wooden cabinets. This piece of art makes a strong statement in a room and defines the style without overwhelming or distracting.

If you decorate a wall with a lower table, consider a piece of furniture for a more three-dimensional effect.

How To Decorate A Blank Wall With Wall Art — Homzie Designs

Large mirrors are great solutions for decorating large empty walls and are the perfect base for a layered look. In our living room, I put a mirror and a favorite small painting on the table to add texture

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