How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee – In June 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 13 percent of Americans have started or increased their anti-anxiety and anti-seizure medications. the disease spread. This increase has created new challenges for businesses and HR professionals as more employees return to work.

Drug and alcohol use harms employers, adding more than $80 billion in annual productivity, health and turnover costs. Employers should be aware of the signs and symptoms of substance abuse to minimize its impact in the workplace and, most importantly, know when to seek help.

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

One of the first signs of equipment problems is a change in the employee’s behavior or attitude. While it’s easy to notice dramatic changes, such as interrupting a co-worker’s conversation or lying, other changes in behavior are subtle. Is the social worker unemployed? Is the person who is always on time now often late? Although all these behaviors do not necessarily mean that the person is using drugs, it is important to talk to the employees and determine the reasons behind their behavior. mold, even if there is an addiction problem.

Occupations Linked To Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Another sign of employee abuse is changes in work. If you start to see a drop in employee productivity or poor product performance, you need to find the cause. However, for some professionals, their work is at the end of the decline, so don’t wait until your trusted employees see signs of rejection to solve the problem. problems.

Studies have shown that employees who use alcohol are less likely to work than others, taking up to two weeks more vacation time. People struggling with drug addiction often lose control of their daily lives and schedules as dependence increases, and excessive inactivity can be a sign of an underlying problem.

Constant eating disorders and/or health problems can be other symptoms of substance abuse. The physical symptoms received are:

These symptoms may be part of an independent event. However, if they are around or stay for a long time, a discussion can be done to determine the reason, especially if drug addiction is suspected.

Understanding The Dangers Of Alcohol Abuse

Addiction often affects a person’s financial situation. Regularly discussing or reporting financial problems can be a material problem. Some signs to look out for include: regularly asking for cash advance or advance payments, borrowing money from savings or taking out loans from colleagues.

Employers can be effective in addressing drug addiction issues in the workplace by making sure they can provide the treatment they need. Many HR and health services providers, including Bradford Health Services, offer training and resources to help HR professionals recognize abuse, seek help, and act. according to drug-free workplace policies.

Be proactive about your organization’s health by creating a plan to address employee drug use. Bradford supports HR teams with free drug-free workplace training, confidential counseling, intervention services and more. Call 205-251-7753 today to find out how we can help you. Despite the common belief that alcoholics and drug addicts do not have jobs, alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace is surprising.

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

It is said to affect 10-15% of Canada’s population, but what a difference it makes when the unemployment rate is half!

My Boss’s Drinking Is Getting Worse. How Do We Intervene?

This means that at some point in your business or management career, you will have to deal with an alcoholic employee.

This is not a matter of practice or practice! Of course, someone struggling with alcoholism may not be doing the best for you, but it is important to understand that they are struggling with a mental illness, not a bad habit. Confirmation only.

The behavior, negative thoughts, and negative behavior of the drug user, despite the negative consequences, are symptoms of the disease.

To stop alcoholism, leaders, managers, and human resources must understand alcoholism, recognize it when it is seen, and support its treatment.

Most In U.s. Say Alcohol Adversely Affects Drinkers, Society

Most (if not all) business owners think about what their employees spend their time doing, but when it comes to alcohol and drugs, personal time and time work often overlaps.

After all, if left unchecked, alcohol and drug abuse can affect an employee’s ability to report to work, do their job, comply with regulations safe, and supportive work practices. Can and must be done.

It is important to remember that any conversation with an alcoholic employee should return to work related questions, regardless of alcohol consumption.

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

Conversely, if an employee admits to being an alcoholic, you should be held accountable for their actions.

How To Manage An Alcoholic Employee?

Educate consumers about the company’s policy and how to break it. Make it clear that he must improve his performance and behavior or face serious consequences such as dismissal.

Of course, alcoholism is a disease, so you can’t give your employee the only last resort to clean up or kill him without help.

Your best bet is to refer your employees to the Employee Assistance Program, which provides evaluations, counseling, and referrals for people suffering from multiple problems, including substance abuse.

The EAP will track your employee’s progress and provide clear guidelines to follow.

What Should A Drug Free Workplace Policy Contain?

With the employee’s approval, they will share with you the employee’s response to treatment and provide follow-up care.

If you are not sure how to resolve your issue first, ask your company’s EAP representative first; they are here to help. But not all companies have EAP.

If you have concerns about an employee or employees, please contact us. For more than 40 years, our programs have helped drug addicts find a positive place in the workplace.

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

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How To Deal With An Alcoholic Employee

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