How To Arrange Bookshelves In Living Room

How To Arrange Bookshelves In Living Room – Looking at its tall, empty shelves can make you feel like a painter staring at a blank canvas, or a writer staring at a blank page. The idea of ​​the style of the shelves is huge, so there are less words. And it’s often hard to decide where to start. How to organize everything so that it looks good? How do I group items? Should I order by size or color?

If you’re like us at Kuotes, these are the home decor questions that keep you up at night. Luckily, we’re here to give you some tips on how to beat shelf decorating nightmares and keep your home looking strong and cohesive.

How To Arrange Bookshelves In Living Room

How To Arrange Bookshelves In Living Room

While this may seem like an easy and obvious step to many, it is often the most overlooked or neglected rule of shelving. Editing. Get rid of clutter that needs to be thrown away, get rid of anything you no longer use, and donate anything that might still be good but you no longer love. Too many (often small) objects are a common shelf mistake.

Secrets For How To Decorate Shelves Like The Pros!

Think of it this way: the more items on the shelf, the less impact each item will have. Some pieces are large and dramatic enough to stand alone on a shelf. A few small decorative elements that you like are great for shelves, but make sure you have a healthy mix of decor and keep nothing but what you need, especially when it comes to furniture. living room shelves.

Now that you have everything cleaned up and edited, think about the library itself before you begin. Don’t like who you work with? Update our collection of exclusive shelves and displays. Brentley, Oriana and Worthington are some of our best sellers!

Or, if you have a built-in bookcase, try decorating the back of the unit with paint, fabric or wallpaper for a stunning makeover. By drawing attention to the back of the shelf, it creates a sense of depth that might otherwise be lost and complements or contrasts with the shelf’s decor. Check out the photo above and below for inspiration!

Whether you’re an avid reader with a library full of entertaining novels, or you just have a few favorites that you use as style, you need to start decorating your shelves with books. How do we start? Group books into small piles and stack them vertically and horizontally, sprinkling colors evenly for a neat and harmonious look. Grouping by color is another method, but this formatting technique should only be used if you have a lot of books on the shelf and each color will be enough for a stack.

How To Decorate Preppy Bookshelves

Grouping by color is also better if you want to create a bookshelf that contains mostly books instead of thumbnails of different objects. The number of books in each stack varies depending on the size of the books and the height and width of the shelves, but usually a stack should consist of at least three or more books. More than twelve or fifteen kilos is perhaps too much. We also like to play with stacking on the shelves: some shelves can be vertical, others horizontal, and others mix it all up!

Because shelves have a lot of space to fill, balance and visual impact play a big role in getting the shelves right. Make sure your shelves aren’t overcrowded so they look like a New York china shop, but with too few the decor is lost in an empty cube.

When designing shelves, large pieces of sculpture really stand their ground, while smaller pieces of sculpture should be grouped in pairs or serve as an accent to a sticker or stack of books. The shelves should also be symmetrical. Take a look at a shelf mockup we created for a recent client:

How To Arrange Bookshelves In Living Room

Note the symmetry between the top left and right shelves and the bottom left and right shelves, creating four strong corners that frame everything else. You can also see how the heavy decor (black books) and lighter decor (black and gold objects) are evenly distributed in each column and row.

Best Bookcase Room Dividers (with Photos)

As with most things in interior design, it’s important to have a clear and consistent color palette when designing shelves. Take a look at the photo above. White books and cream-colored built-in shelves create a rich, airy feel. Mix nickel and steel metal decor and the room will look finished and light.

As you read the article and scroll through the pictures, you’ll notice that the palette of well-designed shelves usually consists of a base color followed by a metallic accent color. This is generally good practice, but don’t be afraid to experiment, bend the rules, and add an extra third color.

Artwork is usually an understated accessory that works wonders on a shelf. It gives you personality and allows you to express your creativity. For a “bookcase” look, simply glue a piece or even hang larger pieces on the cross section of the molding. The artwork also draws attention to the back of the shelf and allows for visual layering that has depth.

When creating shelves, remember that artwork takes up a lot of shelf space, so this is a better option for taller shelves (instead of cluttering large shelves with too many small items).

How To Decorate Shelves In 5 Easy Steps

That’s part of what makes shelf molding so much fun! Browse our decor collection and add all your beautiful items! Objects, sculptures, collections, containers, flowers… you name it. The key is to create a healthy mix and think sculpturally, especially when working with built-in shelving. One of Kathy Kuo Home’s favorite tricks is using organic materials for a super fresh look, like petrified wood pieces or a beautiful sink.

Ok, now you have all the styling elements on the shelf… But that’s only half the battle! The final step is to lightly blend the tips above for a fresh and cohesive look. Mix texture, size and tone, but be sure to stick to one color palette or style.

For more styling tips, check out our cozy black and gold bookshelf as an example. Move objects around to see how they look in different locations and take time to play with different groupings (Pro tip: odd numbers look better in a group than even numbers). An honest trick to getting the perfect shelf is to spend time shaping and tweaking until everything is in place!

How To Arrange Bookshelves In Living Room

Feeling inspired? Kathy Kuo Home is not only your source for beautiful, high-quality furniture and decor, but also has a team of professional interior designers ready to meet your interior design needs. Our services offer a wide range of layout and design options to suit your style and budget in any room. You will work with a team of designers and project managers to make it your favorite place. I’ll show you how to rock the open shelving look with 3 great display tips!

How To Arrange & Decorate A Bookshelf

Last week I took a little day trip to Indianapolis to get dressed up with my sister… Can you imagine a more fun day?! She and her husband bought and remodeled their home about a year and a half ago and wanted to focus on decorating some of the undecorated areas of the house.

That day we decided to focus on the open shelf next to his fireplace. Open shelving can be tricky, so I thought I’d share some ideas on how to create open shelving for a clean look.

* You can find the source of most of our articles used for decoration at the bottom of the article!

Here’s an overview of the shelves before we get started. These open shelves are removable and adjustable, and I suggested he remove one of the shelves before taking the photo. Before he removed one of the shelves, they were too close together, which really limited what we could do with them. After removing one shelf (as shown below), we can now work with more than one shelf height.

How To Decorate Shelves Around The House

My sister had had enough of the smaller pieces, so my goal was to add larger accents (like wooden lace, wire baskets, blue vases, and a bowl of wood putty) to fill out the space. If you use too many smaller decorative elements, you will end up using larger pieces to fill the space and not look too messy. Using different sizes is a good thing.

Repetition is good. Again, repetition is good… ha! No, but it’s really good to repeat. Notice how we used a

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