How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room – In this article, I will share important design rules for arranging furniture in a small living room.

These design tips will show you how to arrange your furniture – the right way – to create a coordinated environment that looks stylish, elegant and put together!

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

I see this many times in the homes of my design clients – whether they are buying a new open concept home or building… And then you realize the living room is too small!

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Living Room

Open concept living rooms have less wall space and more corridors, so furniture space can be very small with open floor plans.

In an open small living room, it is important to separate the living room from the dining room. Make sure the dining table and dining chairs have enough space to move and pull the chairs.

If any of these situations apply to you, you need small space furniture arrangement ideas to create a beautiful living room that fits the room’s footprint!

The first step to finding the perfect arrangement for a small living room is arranging the furniture and decorative elements!

Tips To Arrange Furniture In A Small, Narrow Living Room β€” Michael Helwig Interiors

Get rid of any furniture and appliances that you don’t use every day, that don’t meet your needs, that have different styles, that clash, or that don’t suit your style.

For example, if you need more storage space, avoid end tables without shelves or drawers.

Move the chair you inherited but don’t like – or sell it and let someone else enjoy it!

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

Also avoid rocking or sliding chairs in a small living room because they take up too much space! They should be kept away from the wall and other furniture to prevent them from slipping.

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Often my design clients come to me with living spaces that look like furniture showrooms – so many pieces!

Here is a nice little living room with just the right amount of furniture. This room is also nicely arranged and doesn’t have a lot of furniture. There is a sofa with an ottoman, a coffee table and a chair – that’s it!

Often my design clients ask me to design a small living room for 4-10 people for a barbecue or Christmas party.

The sofas and chairs in the living room are large enough to accommodate the occasional guest.

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The fact is that your living room should be designed for your daily needs and how you use it every day! Sometimes it’s not the way you use it. You don’t have company every day.

If you need extra chairs for occasional gatherings, buy these stackable chairs and store them in another room. Pull them when you need them!

Also note where the sliding doors, stairs and paths are – furniture cannot block them.

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

You’ll need these measurements when buying new furniture and evaluating your existing furniture.

Best Small Living Room Ideas

This photo shows how to arrange furniture in a small room to maximize wall space and accommodate a window.

If your furniture blocks the flow of traffic through sliding doors and paths and does not fit the above room parameters, it is time to remove it from the room and add suitable pieces to it.

It is a beautiful example of how to place furniture in a small space to separate traffic flows around doors and furniture.

It is possible that if you are reading this article, your furniture is too big for your room or you have a lot of furniture.

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Your living room is your footprint, and if you put too much furniture in it, it will look smaller and boring.

What to do if your furniture is too big for the room or you have too many pieces

Move furniture that is too big to another room or buy and sell parts locally and use the money to buy furniture that fits your room.

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

You can also donate your furniture to a good cause! Some charities even collect the furniture from your home, which is very convenient!

How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

Furniture that is too big will make your living room look smaller, dull and boring.

Large arms also take up valuable real estate space and prevent the addition of a side table.

Here is an example of a beautiful small living room with a sofa with armrests and a narrow end table.

Often my design clients ask me for help after buying new furniture because it doesn’t fit in the living room and they can’t return it.

Ways To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

I’m sorry to hear that these mistakes can easily be avoided with good design planning, room dimensions and the correct placement of furniture.

I’ll help you choose furniture that matches the size and shape of your small living room! See the details of my online design service here and let’s talk!

When buying new pieces, it is very important to focus on the dimensions and spaces of your living room!!

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

And even if you fall in love with a piece that’s too big, don’t buy it! It won’t look good in your small living room and you’ll get buyer’s remorse!

Top 10 Ideas On How To Decorate A Small Living Room

It’s also easy to fall in love with furniture in a showroom or online living room… but if a piece of furniture is too big, it’s too big, and don’t buy it.

Again, stick to your living room dimensions and don’t buy pieces without knowing if they fit perfectly!

You can find couches that are flatter than a regular couch, freeing up a lot of floor space!

Or replace the sofa with 4 chairs. A set of 4 chairs can be the best furniture solution for a small space.

Small Bedroom Ideas: How To Make Your Room Look Bigger πŸ›

In some cases, a small living room sofa can be better than a sofa and 2 chairs in a small living room because you have the same amount of seating, but it takes up less floor space.

Leave the sofa and chairs that don’t fit in your small living room because they need an expansion space.

There are hybrid chairs and hybrid sofas where the legs are longer but the back remains upright, which works better in your space.

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

Choosing fixed furniture (that doesn’t sit, slide or rock) is usually the best furniture style for a small living room.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Living Room

It is possible to arrange the furniture in a living room with two focal points: a fireplace on one wall and a TV on the other.

Here is a small living room furniture arrangement with a small modular sectional sofa facing the center of the fireplace.

You can create this look below by using two of these modular armchairs and a modular corner chair.

1. If you have a sofa and two chairs, place the sofa further away from the focal point (fireplace or TV view).

How To Arrange Furniture Around An Area Rug

2. Or you can put a sofa in front of the couch with two chairs at 90 degrees to the fireplace (or TV).

3. If you own a sofa cart, place it over the focal point with one or two chairs on either side.

4. If you have a sofa, the idea of ​​the layout of the living room is the part of the letter L that faces the focal point. You can add a chair to the other side. Arrange furniture in a small room to create a conversation area. It shows a small living room as follows:

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

5. Place two small sofas next to each other. Arrange the furniture in a small room in a balanced composition:

Best Living Room Layouts For Your Floorplan

The best place to place a TV in a small living room is above the fireplace instead of in a media room that takes up the floor. This frees up a lot of floor space for seats!

If you need a media room, replace large TV stands and large media units with smaller TVs under 48 inches.

Floating media units mounted on the wall above the floor are a great option for small living rooms, as the space below can be used to store ottomans and poufs.

The sofa should never cover the window, but if it has a low back, it can be placed in a small living room in front of the window.

Ways To Arrange Furniture In An Awkward Living Room

Do not place the sofa directly on the window frame. Make sure there is enough space behind the sofa for the curtains to sit and close.

When the sofa is placed in front of the window, arrange the furniture around it to create zoning.

Replace a large coffee table with a small nesting coffee table, one or two small ottomans or a small upholstered seat.

How To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Living Room

This small living room has no coffee table and it looks amazing! A small side-rotating cart is used to prepare drinks and leaves:

Living Room Furniture Layouts That Make The Most Of Your Space

Here are 6 decorating tricks for small living rooms that free up more space, make a small space as big as possible and maximize the square meters of your small living room.

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