How Much To Put In A Fireplace

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How much does it cost to install a fireplace? Adding a fireplace adds value to a home and provides cozy warmth on winter days. Fireplace installation costs range from $870 to $3,792, with most homeowners paying around $2,314.

How Much To Put In A Fireplace

How Much To Put In A Fireplace

When the snow is swirling and Old Man Winter is howling at the windows, nothing provides a cozy atmosphere like a roaring fire. Historically, fireplaces have taken up space in the home, and for good reason: they warm an area when other rooms are not cold. Modern HVAC systems have changed that, but many homeowners still want the warmth and intimacy from sitting by the fireplace.

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The cost of installing a fireplace varies depending on the type and size of the unit and whether or not the equipment for ventilation is fixed. On average, installing a fireplace costs about $2,314, with a wide range from about $870 to $3,792. Dreaming of having a fireplace? The right business can turn that dream into reality. Get free, no-obligation project plans from builders near you. Find a business +

The reasons for choosing one type of fireplace over another are personal taste, style, budget and home design. While most homeowners spend a national average of $2,314, variations can vary and affect the final price.

Current labor costs in a community are critical to the price a homeowner pays to install a fireplace. Some types of fireplaces are more expensive because they require more work. For example, the average labor cost to install an electric fireplace is $225, while the cost of labor to install a wood-burning stove is nearly $2,180. More jobs and higher labor costs.

Perhaps the most important cost depends on the type of fireplace chosen. When considering how to install a fireplace, keep in mind that installing a wood stove (not just installing it) costs an average of $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the air quality required. , and installing fireproof wall coverings. . On the other hand, simply changing the furnace to a wood stove can cost less than $300, as long as the ventilation is adequate.

How Much Does Fireplace Installation Cost? (2023)

The use of fireplaces or wood stoves requires proper ventilation and must comply with local building codes. Without proper ventilation, smoke and fumes can enter the house and harm the occupants. The cost of installing ventilation depends on the availability of ventilation and whether it needs to be expanded.

Homeowners believe that electricity is necessary to operate an electric fireplace. However, they may not realize that many fireplaces and wood stoves and pellet stoves all require wiring. Modern stoves, fireplaces and inserts have fans that blow hot air into the room without allowing it to escape through the chimney to increase energy. Pellet stoves require electricity for the stoves and a pellet hopper to feed the pellets into the stove. Electrical services add about $140 to $200 to the installation cost.

Other costs include the typical cost that most homeowners pay for a fireplace installation, for example, a fireplace installation or general labor. Changing the shape of the house or remodeling to include a new fireplace should be considered. Some new costs may not be apparent at first, such as installing a liner in an existing fireplace or routing gas lines to operate a gas fireplace.

How Much To Put In A Fireplace

Electric fireplaces and fireplaces are pre-made, as both require manufacturer-approved safety features. Wood stoves and fireplaces are different. The cost to buy a wood burning stove ranges from $325 to $4,000 on average, depending on the quality—and that doesn’t include the labor for installation.

Converting A Wood Burning Fireplace To Gas

The installation fee for a wood stove is an additional fee. Fireplace inserts (not fireplaces) can cost anywhere from $700 to $6,500. , including the mason’s work to build the fireplace and the fence.

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It is not uncommon for professional installers to create prefabricated fireplaces and inserts to meet local building code requirements or for aesthetic reasons. It’s as simple as installing a fireplace insert on a nearby wall and costs less than $100. However, as the depth and type of repair increases, the cost increases significantly.

Remodeling is required unless the home is new or designed for a fireplace. Rescheduling will vary depending on the individual situation. This can include building a fireplace ($400-$2,000), a wood or stone surround and cornice, or upgrading to a more efficient fireplace.

How Much Does Fireplace Installation Cost? [2023 Data]

Heat build-up from a gas or fireplace can be critical, so a fireplace installer must take care to prevent fire from entering the home. Installing a fireproof chimney liner adds an average of $2,500 to the final project cost. In some communities, the cost can be as high as $7,000, depending on the lining material and the length of the fireplace.

The best place for a new fireplace is like an old one. Unfortunately, if the old bricks, chimney, and fireplace are in poor condition, the homeowner may want to remove the old fireplace and build a new one. Removing a fireplace can reveal unexpected surprises, such as seeing wood rot if the roof is leaking around the fireplace, or sealing the roof in the when removing an old stove and fireplace.

The final cost depends on the personal circumstances and preferences of the homeowner, but a fireplace and fireplace removal can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the nature of the project.

How Much To Put In A Fireplace

All types of fireplaces and accessories must run a gas line from a large propane tank or local gas line. Most communities require gas line connections to be performed by a licensed technician to reduce the risk of a faulty connection leaking toxic fumes into the home or creating a fire hazard. A gas line installed and connected can range from $120 to $1,350.

How Much Does A Gas Fireplace Insert Cost In 2023?

In some cases, it is possible to replace an existing fireplace with a wood stove. Arguably, a proper fireplace must be installed. Converting from a gas to a wood stove can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. If you don’t have a fireplace, new refrigerators will need to be built and cost up to $2000.

Electric fireplaces and inserts do not produce soot, so there is no need to clean an electric unit. Gas fireplaces can produce little soot, while wood-burning fireplaces can produce a lot with creosote deposits built up in the fireplace. These deposits increase fire or smoke in the home. Chimney and fireplace inspections and cleanings range from $129 to $378 and should be done annually before winter. If damage occurs, repair costs will increase.

Some types of fireplace inserts are easier to install than others, but keep in mind that everyone’s circumstances will be different and the final cost will depend.

Many homeowners prefer gas fireplaces because they produce heat without the odor or smell of a fireplace. However, a licensed business must install the gas line to supply the gas fireplace. On average, a gas fireplace costs $1,500 to install, not including the cost of the fireplace.

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The connection of a wood fire appeals to many, and if customers can collect their own firewood, it is a good source of convenient heat. Wood burning stoves, however, produce very hot flames and smoke and soot, which require proper chimney and liner installation. The cost of installing fireplace parts with high-end appliances — starting from scratch — can be as high as $30,000. Obviously, smaller projects cost less.

An electric fireplace is the easiest to install of all fireplaces, and it is safer because it does not use wood or fuel for heating. An electric fireplace costs $225 to install, as it does not require a stove or furnace to operate. However, keep in mind that in many communities, electricity is more expensive than natural gas, propane, or wood, so don’t be surprised if your electricity bill goes up.

How Much To Put In A Fireplace

Like wood stoves, wood stoves require adequate ventilation and heat sources around the stove to protect the home from fire.

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