How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce

How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce – Update November 23, 2020: Following news of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, gold fell to $1,832 an ounce before rebounding. Despite returning above the breakout resistance level of $1832, Credit Suisse analysts noted that gold has returned to consolidation since August. But it hit a key support at $1,837 to keep the weakness going. That’s a 38.2% return on March’s increase.

Credit Suisse analysts say gold will need to bounce above $1,966 to hold on to $2,166. followed by another test of $2,075 in August. A move higher will eventually see resistance at $2175 and $2300 after that.

How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce

How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce

As the yellow metal tumbled below $1,837, albeit briefly, Credit Suisse warned of deeper declines. But still moving towards the 200-day moving average of $1,790 and possibly as low as $1,726.

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Update Oct. 23, 2020: Gold prices have extended consolidation after crossing Credit Suisse’s base case of $2,075 and $2,080 in August. The firm maintains outstanding support at $1,837, a 38.2% break from the March rally.

Credit Suisse analysts expect the price to hold and the sideways trend to continue before breaking the $1,993 level for a rebound at $2,075. The trend is up and there is resistance at $2,175, followed by $2,300. However, they also believe that this will not happen before next year.

If gold falls below $1,837, Credit Suisse analysts think it could drop to $1,765 and possibly even $1,726. But it’s expected to still be there.

Update Oct. 6, 2020: Gold prices tumble as US dollar stabilizes and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell isn’t much supportive of the metal. As he once again urged Congress to provide more incentives. Even though ETF holdings rose to record levels, But gold seems to be on the rise. As prices on Wall Street moved in a quiet market after the election,

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“Gold will fluctuate above $2,000, while positive news about treatments and vaccines will keep the tide safe,” he said in an email. “Investors can’t deny the economy will see additional stimulus. The question is, will it come through an easy path? of massive infrastructure spending?”

Update Oct. 1, 2020: Gold Price Jumps Above $1,900 An Ounce This is due to lower jobless claims than previously expected. The Labor Department said on Monday that 837,000 Americans filed for unemployment for the first time last week, down 36,000 from the previous week. which was increased from 3,000 cases to 870,000 cases

This is the lowest number of jobless claims since the pandemic hit the US economy. Economists had forecast initial jobless claims of 850,000 last week. Although the data on the labor market is better than expected. But it did not negatively affect the price of gold.

How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce

Commerzbank analysts said in a note this week that the bull market may not end anytime soon. They say there is a problem for the economy right now. Including the increasing national debt Unregulated Central Bank Printing lower interest rates and political risks

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In addition, ETF investors continue to increase their gold holdings. As ETF inflows, gold hit 54 tonnes last month and 240 tonnes in the third quarter.

Update September 10, 2020: Gold prices jumped today as initial jobless claims worse than expected at 884,000. The four-week moving average of new jobless claims fell to 970,750, while Continuous jobless claims rose to 13.385 million for the week ending August 29.

Gold prices fall as the market reveals this information. And it looks like metal tears are on the decline this year. Gold tumbled 0.38% at the end of August for the first time in five months.

Data from the World Gold Council showed inflows to gold-backed exchange-traded funds dropped to 39 tonnes, marking the ninth straight month of inflows. But it’s the slowest growth this year. year on year Global gold ETF net inflows up 938 tonnes

Uncertainty Pushes Gold Price To Record $1,926 Per Ounce

Inflows to North America continued to be strong in August. With 41 tonnes in stock, the Asia-listed gold ETF rose 7 tonnes during the month. Gold hit a new record high in early August. due to increased trading volume But the World Gold Council noted that it is still below the inflation target of $2,800 an ounce.

He believes the price of gold may rise due to continued expectations of low interest rates and high inflation subsidies. The overbought condition seen in early August has passed. This is because the Relative Strength Index has dropped from its high near 90 to a more neutral neighborhood of 50.

Update Aug. 17, 2020: Gold Prices Stabilized at $2,000 an Ounce. But it reversed sharply on Friday. It is a profound correction that redefines the market. However, analysts say the correction is temporary. And the yellow metal is back today. It can’t be more than $ 1,990 an ounce. But there may be further growth.

How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce

RBC CEO George Gero said in an interview with Kitco News that last week’s decline in sales pointed to a much-needed reset in gold prices. which, he said, has increased volatility. He added that the gold market has “shaking off hot money” and price investors “pay attention” now

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Gero said last week’s correction was strong. But market sentiment remains optimistic. He said the adaptation was technical. This is because investors in gold-backed exchange-traded funds have profited after rising more than $2,000 an ounce.

“The trend is still up. Although the dollar may start another strong fight. But it would have to use US real yields. to continue to rise,” he said in an email. “Now they are declining. But despite what happened last week But still very few people have changed. their attitude People seem as optimistic as ever about gold. Just be warned it’s a trade-off: “Two methods and one is always more aggressive than the other.”

Update, August 10th, 2020: Gold prices fall sharply. But the stronger dollar is somewhat easing. Some analysts have warned that a correction is possible for the yellow metal. Despite last week’s gains for the ninth straight week, despite Friday’s correction. According to Commerzbank analyst report

Commerzbank analysts last week warned of a very high index of relative strength. And said a correction may be on the way Gold hits $2,000 for the first time. OANDA analysts said the $2,000 retest was “very interesting” as it has become a key psychological support level for the metal.

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“A break could lead to a bearish move and see $1,980 support quickly tested,” analyst Craig Erlam said in an email. “This could all depend on the dollar making a double bottom. A break above last Monday could push the dollar back to support in June/early July. and put a lot of pressure on gold prices

Update July 30, 2020: Gold prices hit record highs this week. Although today there is a downward trend for the first time in 10 trading sessions. Although the price of gold is falling But the price of gold remained firmly above $1,900 an ounce.

Demand for the yellow metal fell 6% in the first half of the year to 2,086 tonnes, the World Gold Council reported today. Demand fell 11% year-on-year to 1,015.7 tonnes in the second quarter. That more than offsets the increase seen in the first quarter.

How Much Is Gold Now Per Ounce

The breakout was once again the biggest factor affecting gold markets in the second quarter. Greatly reduced consumer demand Even if it supports investment needs.

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The responses of central banks and governments to the pandemic have come in the form of rate cuts and liquidity. The World Gold Council said the response triggered a record inflow of 734 tonnes of gold-backed exchange-traded funds.

These trends resulted in a 17% increase in the price of gold against the dollar in the first half of the year. Overall demand for coins and bullion fell sharply during the second quarter. As a result, investment demand fell 17% year-on-year in the first half of the year.

Investor attitudes between East and West are different. Most markets in Asia and the Middle East saw a slowdown in investment. Because Western investors have stimulated demand. Demand for jewelry fell 46% as prices remained high and closed down.

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