How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost

How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost – The answer to this question should be simple, right? Well, nothing! But Rhett Allen (associate professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University) has a brilliant guess in an article in WIRED.

Prof. Allen took public data (prices of kits available in the LEGO online store and the number of pieces of each kit) and sorted all the information by topic (Star Wars™, Friends™, etc.). After crunching and graphing the data (seriously, readers, if you haven’t done so, you need to go back and click the link to see the graph the professor made!), he answers – Part 1 of LEGO®. A bag sells for an average of 10.4 cents.

How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost

How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost

He used the data to estimate the price of a LEGO® set without parts ($7.34) and the best value LEGO® set (he recommends the Trevi Fountain, which costs $49.99 for a pack of 731 items. About 83 So much value for a dollar!)

Lego Large Lot Of Red Brick Pieces Basic Building Block Parts

He is doing his homework! If you have budding LEGO® math at home, give them something like this – I like this one:

I’ve heard people say that 75 LEGOs are enough for everyone in the world. How much would he pay for all the Lego bricks in the world?

Error: (#100) The object does not exist and cannot be downloaded because the license or feature is not available, or the feature is not supported. This endpoint requires the “pages_read_engagement” or “pages public content access” or “pages public metadata access” permission. See, and https: // for details. Did you know it’s easy (and cheap) to order individual LEGO® bricks? We often hear from readers who want to build one of our projects, but don’t have all the necessary parts. Or your child might want to order more lightsabers or more blocks of the same color. Most of you know the Pick-A-Brick section of, but I want to show you what I think is a better option…Brick Link! is a marketplace to buy and sell LEGO®. You can buy sets (current or retired), minifigures, and individual bricks of all types and colors. The process is similar to eBay, without bidding. Sellers post items for sale, and you can sign up for a username and start shopping.

Lego Ninjago 71774: Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon

Sign up for a new account. The username you choose will appear when you reply to the seller, so choose accordingly!

Buy as many as possible from one seller. Every seller guarantees shipping, so it’s best to find one that has a variety of your favorite items. I start by finding one of my favorite pieces. Then I look for sellers who have the part and have a high number of reviews next to their name. If the seller gets a lot of feedback, they’ll have more blocks to sell and I’ll be able to find more of what I need. When I write LEGO books, I often have a shopping list of specific items that need to be ordered, and sometimes I need to order from multiple suppliers. LEGO® bricks are not heavy to transport, so shipping costs are usually lower. However, you don’t want to order 8 items from 8 different sellers and pay 8 shipping charges!

Note that price is related to supply and demand. Most standard bricks sell for 5 cents each, but hard-to-collect minifigures can cost as much as $10 or more.

How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost

Using the search bar in the brick link is a bit difficult unless you know the name of a specific LEGO® brick, which most people don’t! I was initially disappointed by the study. So here’s what I did…

Green Lego Bricks Parts Pieces Clean Green Legos / 8 Oz.

As you can see, there are many categories. I can’t draw them all on screen at once! Here are the basics:

Bricks – Standard square or rectangular bricks. They are marked by counting the number of studs. For example, 2 x 4 or 1 x 6.

Modified Bricks – Bricks with differences. It could be a stud on the side, a handle, a shaft, etc.

Modified Boards – Here you’ll find flat bricks with handles, clips, sockets, ball joints, and more on the ends.

Lego Large Creative Brick Box 10698

Slope – These bricks slope like a roof. There are also small ribs at this level (see figure C3P0 below).

Wedges, plates – you’ll find all the “wing” parts in this category, so be careful! Just order a few fins in different shapes and colors, and your child will have endless boat building fun lol. These are triangular or “winged” flat bricks.

The winding elements are 1 x 3 windings. They will be located under “Oil, Twist”. If you click on this category, you will see on the first page:

How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost

(btw, I tried searching for “1 x 3 curved slope” but didn’t find the right answer. You have to get the correct name, which is hard… I should have searched for slope, curved 3 x 1. no with studs.)

Why Don’t We Use Lego Bricks As Building Material?

Click on the part number to the left of the part we want – tilt, swivel 3 x 1, no studs. This will take you to a page showing all the multiple colors for the piece. Scroll down until you see yellow in the “For Sale” column on the left. Click on the yellow color.

In fact, the item number is a number assigned by LEGO®. You can find this number on the bottom of each brick. Look closely – they are very small! If you already own blocks and want to order more, this is a great way to find blocks online.

This will take you to this screen which has a long list of all the suppliers that have the part.

When deciding who to buy from, you should look at their country of origin (which will affect shipping costs), and whether they have a minimum purchase requirement. In other words, you have to spend money with them to buy anything there. Some retailers have no minimum purchases, but many require you to spend $5 or $10, which makes sense since it’s not worth the time to collect 75-cent LEGO® bricks.

Can Anyone Explain The Reasoning Behind These Prices (50$ For 11016 Vs 49.97$ For 11717) There Like A 3 Cent Discount For 304 More Pieces.

If you click “More options” under the blue search button, you can refine your search by country.

Also look where it says “Conditions”. You can choose to buy new products only, or browse used products. (I always choose new ones, but a big part of that is taking pictures of our LEGO® projects and I don’t want dents or dents on the pieces!)

After selecting a quality seller who lives in the same country (or at least the same continent) as you, you can view other items for sale.

How Much Does One Lego Brick Cost

Complete your order. After sending the order, wait for the seller to issue an invoice. Some sellers accept payments directly on the Brick Link website, but many will ask you to send the total amount via PayPal.

Lego Brick & Axle Separator W/pin Pusher 96874, Dark Turquoise

Then wait for your bricks to arrive! For my kids, that means hearing the mail van on the road every day until it’s gone!

Often, readers will ask me for a parts list for our projects. This is a great place to talk about it, so I will! Writing a parts list takes a lot of time. It will take some time to find out the names of all the components. Calculating the parts and making sure we use the most “ideal” parts is time consuming. I try to provide as many step-by-step instructions as possible on this site, but I have yet to write a detailed parts list. But – I have good news! My book LEGO® – Fun LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have comes complete with Instructions and Parts List! Books can be pre-ordered and shipped as soon as they are published.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® group of companies which does not endorse, license or endorse this website.

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