How Much Does Helium Cost Per Cubic Foot

How Much Does Helium Cost Per Cubic Foot – This party-ready helium balloon kit has 40 holes. This cool balloon kit comes with a 40 cubic meter refillable helium tank and a valve/regulator filler.

When you’re ready to increase your helium capacity and make more balloons, the 40 Handle Helium Balloon Kit is the way to go.

How Much Does Helium Cost Per Cubic Foot

How Much Does Helium Cost Per Cubic Foot

This helium balloon kit includes a medium 40 cubic meter helium tank and a high quality western balloon valve/regulator at a discount price.

Is There A Helium Shortage In The U.s.? Yes, And It’s Getting Worse

This kit not only fills over a hundred balloons, but also allows you to stop the endless cycle of “buying another helium tank”. Our tanks are heavy duty industrial pressure cylinders that can be refilled. Buy it once and you’ll be ready for as many parties as you want. It really works.

Kit includes premium latex inflator/fill valve and regulator. This unit is one of Western Enterprises’ best and most versatile regulators, capable of supplying 38-85 PSI of helium through rubber valves. It can easily handle small and large balloons.

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Helium Production In The United States

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Once your order has shipped, you will be sent an email with tracking details as well as a link that you can use to track your shipment and get estimated shipping information. Helium prices rise in communities in the air With the rising price of helium and limited or no availability in some areas, we decided to survey the world’s diving instructors and centers to understand their problems. We feel your pain – especially you OC divers! InDEPTH editor Ashley Stewart then turned to helium industry insider Phil Kornbluth for his prediction. Here we find out.

How Much Does Helium Cost Per Cubic Foot

Helium is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, but here on Earth it is the only element that is considered a non-renewable resource. The colorless, odorless and tasteless inert gas is formed underground by the natural radioactive decay of elements such as uranium and thorium, which takes thousands of years. When helium reaches the Earth’s surface, it is immediately released into the atmosphere – where it is very expensive to recover – and continues until it escapes into space.

The Very Best Balloon Blog: Pump Up Your Business With This Amazing Tool For Calculating Helium Costs

Fortunately for divers who rely on non-alcoholic, lightweight gas for deep dives (not to mention anyone who needs an MRI scan or uses almost any electronic device), some helium mixes with natural gas underground and is released through drilling and machining can be achieved. ,

But the world’s helium supply depends primarily on just 15 liquid helium production facilities worldwide, making the industry uniquely vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, which this year marked the industry’s fourth long-term shortage since 2006. It happened. Or the sale of Trimix has completely stopped. Article

However, Phil Kornbluth, a longtime consultant to the helium industry, expects the shortage to gradually decrease by the end of the year and that supply will increase significantly in the future.

While most of the world’s helium is produced in just a few countries, a new gas refinery in Siberia is expected to produce up to 60 million cubic meters of helium a year, making it the world’s largest producer of helium, along with the United States. It could be produced in -2020. The Siberian plant opened for three weeks in September, but has suffered major disruptions over the past year, including a fire in October and an explosion in January, delaying its planned opening until at least 2023.

How To Invest In Helium Stocks

Meanwhile, the Texas Bureau of Land Management was shut down from mid-January to early June due to security, staffing and equipment issues, eliminating at least 10% of the market’s supply, according to Kornbluth. The plant restarted in June and returned to normal production on July 10. Helium supplies fell further as two of Qatar’s three factories shut down for scheduled maintenance, a fire halted production at a Kansas plant and the war in Ukraine reduced production at an Algerian plant.

With the exception of the Siberian plant, Kornbluth said all recent problems in the helium supply chain have been resolved and should bring some relief. And the future looks promising. Once operational, the Siberian plant is expected to eventually store up to a third of the world’s helium reserves. While sanctions against Russia may deter some buyers from buying helium in the country, Kornbluth expects strong demand from countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan and India, which are not yet participating, even if those countries make it more expensive. consider if you have to buy, it can be delayed. , Transporting liquid helium in bulk requires special cryogenic tanks. “Sanctions are unlikely to keep helium off the market,” Kornbluth said.

Meanwhile, at least 30 startups are exploring helium, with more projects in the pipeline, including in the US, Canada, Qatar, Tanzania and South Africa. “Yes, we had a deficit, and yes, it was bad, but it has to get better,” Kornbluth said.

How Much Does Helium Cost Per Cubic Foot

The study reported the highest helium prices in Bonaire – a Dutch island in the Caribbean that imports its helium from the Netherlands – with helium prices as high as $0.14 L(l)/$4.00 per cubic foot (cf) and expected , which goes up. . For this price, a set of Trimix 18/45 (18% O.) Mayflower Bb103373 Disposable Helium Tank 14.9 Cubic Ft. By Mayflower

, 45% His) Double HP100 (same as D12) is about $360.00 and Trimix 15/55 is about $440.00.

“We have enough to support both open circuit and CCR, but in the near future, if the situation continues, we will have to provide only CCR divers,” said Bonaire instructor German “Mr.” Yes,’ said Arango.

Not too far from the Philippines was Bonaire, where helium is about $0.13 / $3.68 cf – if you can get it. Based on our survey responses, Asia faces the biggest gap. The materials are unavailable in parts of the Philippines, limited in South Korea and unavailable for diving in Japan because the country’s suppliers prefer helium for medical purposes, according to four instructors in the field. It is relatively easy to obtain in Australia.

Four U.S.-based traders said the price of helium is rising significantly and supplies are dwindling. Helium is “extremely limited” in Florida, with prices rising from $1.50 a foot (0.05 to 0.09 liters) in Seattle to $2.50 in the past six months, at a time when the region was using helium in the form could not find helium. suppliers.. Preferred medical use. In Los Angeles, prices were as high as $2.80 (about 0.10 L), and one teacher said helium was only available for hospital and medical use, even to longtime Dada Gas customers. Another Los Angeles instructor said direct purchases of helium are limited to one T cylinder per month, which is less than three people.

Can You Get Helium Tanks Refilled?

“We are currently only offering Trimix refills to our CCR communities,” said trainer Steven Millington. “This may change, but the current direction of tech diving is CCR. I agree (and can already see) that open tech diving is going the way of the dinosaur in some areas.”

10 trainers in this region told us that it is becoming more difficult and expensive to get helium in Western Europe. Instructor in Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Germany

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