How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh – There are questions about appliances that you often don’t realize you need an answer to until you’re asked. One of them is the weight of my refrigerator. This is mostly due to the movement of people moving your furniture to a new home, but it is easy to know in advance.

You may need to know the weight of your refrigerator when you move house, order a new one or even get rid of an old one. Even if there are several, it can be useful to know the weight to arrange proper help and transport, as they are often quite large and heavy.

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

In this article I will talk about the reasons why you need to know how much a refrigerator weighs and some reviews of the different sizes of refrigerators on the market.

Refrigerator Sizes: Guide To Dimensions Of Refrigerators

Well, there are many times in your life when you feel the crushing weight of a fridge – even if it seems like you get a fridge and never move it again. This cannot be the case!

Three situations immediately come to mind where you may need to know the weight of your refrigerator: moving, delivering the refrigerator, and driving your refrigerator in your car.

First, let’s talk about the most obvious and logical time you want to know the approximate weight of your refrigerator – when you move into a home. In this case, you want to move your refrigerator from your old home to your new horse, and any number of people may need to be involved in the process.

Whether you and some friends are paying for beer and pizza, or whether it’s actual transportation, you need to know how much your fridge weighs. There are many different things that can go wrong on moving day, and you don’t want anyone to hurt themselves while moving your stuff—at best, it’s a blow to a friendship and at worst, a lawsuit.

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Therefore, having a rough idea of ​​the weight of the refrigerator will definitely help prevent someone from helping you get hurt.

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Shipping costs for large furniture are no joke. Some supermarkets can offer you free delivery and even free next day delivery, but many others cannot. To do that, they usually have to set the price based on how hard you move the fridge – weight is a big factor in that.

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

So if you’re getting a particularly large piece of furniture delivered to your home, whether it’s a sofa or a fridge, you may be stuck with the shipping costs. Remember this when looking at refrigerators!

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The last reason to consider that you have to carry the weight of a refrigerator is if you want to use your vehicle to transport it. For example, you can move a small fridge to your caravan or even just move the old fridge to the side. Either way, you need to know the cost to make sure you are safe.

This is also a good time to point out that you really need to know the correct size of your fridge. With this and the weight, you can calculate the approximate density and figure out where you plan to put the refrigerator on the tow truck.

If an object is poorly placed in the towing vehicle, the entire weight distribution is disturbed. This leads to a poor balance of the vehicle and can therefore be very dangerous. Even the smallest error in the road surface can be very dangerous in an unbalanced tractor.

Well, this is a tricky question because there are so many different types of refrigerators out there. The best way to quickly explain this is to show a rough table that gives you an idea of ​​the average weight and size of different refrigerators.

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Mini refrigerators are usually exceptionally small appliances designed to be used sparingly. At least they are not made for heavy use, like in the family.

They are usually found in offices and similar places – usually with one or two small items, such as lunch and some milk for tea and coffee.

These refrigerators are designed to be small and light. The reason for this is that they are not designed to sit in one place and work on it until it breaks. Instead, they are designed to be moved from one office to another or even from home to office if necessary.

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

It is also designed for safe desktop use. That’s just because they’re so small – they’re not very efficient if you’re sitting right on the floor because you have to bend or kneel every time you want to access one.

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A weight of around 15-20 kilos is typical for the weight of a refrigerator of this size, which is really not much. For context, something you may have picked up on before: the average microwave weighs about fifteen pounds.

The difficulty in lifting such a heavy refrigerator is not because of its weight, but rather because it is cumbersome – all the weight is on the back of the refrigerator, where the cooling unit is located. Of course, this applies to all of these refrigerators, just to a lesser extent when they weigh.

Undercounter refrigerators are commonly used in small homes and caravans. It holds a lot of stuff, but it’s also small enough that it doesn’t fill up, which can waste energy.

These refrigerators are not designed with ease in mind. Although they are sometimes moved in caravans and cars, they are not moved so often that their weight is a concern for people buying these fridges.

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For a refrigerator of this size, the weight range is typically 25-30 kilograms – a weight that can be difficult to lift. A large dog, such as a Dalmatian, weighs 27-32 kilograms, so a refrigerator of this size falls within this weight range.

That’s quite a lot of weight to lift, so we recommend two people lift one of these refrigerators.

These refrigerators are probably the most popular refrigerators in use. It’s just the right size (though too big in some cases) to hold a good amount of food for the family for a week or two.

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

In addition to this, they usually come with a few extras, such as a water or ice dispenser – making them ideal for most homes. These refrigerators weigh a lot – think 65-75 pounds.

Here’s The Standard Refrigerator Size And When To Go Bigger

That’s about the same weight as the average adult man, so you have to carry a lot of weight, even between two people.

For such weights (especially heavy as a refrigerator), we recommend you to the professionals and their specially developed toys for lifting and moving heavy objects.

Finally we come to the largest group – American-style or double-bar refrigerators. These refrigerators can be quite large and are usually used in large families or homes with a lot of kitchen space.

The great thing about these refrigerators is that they hold a huge amount of food and that they stay cold for a long time when they are not switched off. This means that if your double fridge is full of food and the power goes out, the food will stay cold and edible for a long time.

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The average weight of a refrigerator of this size is about one hundred kilograms – that must be a terrible figure – a tenth of a ton! It is very difficult to put into perspective, because few things around us weigh so much. The best example we can give is that a baby elephant weighs ninety to one hundred kilograms at birth.

Moving a heavy refrigerator is an order, we definitely recommend leaving the refrigerator in the hands of professionals. But how hard is it? Can you do it in a car, moving or even just driving?

I was curious about it, so I dug into the research. I looked at the statistics of over 50 refrigerators to see how much each type weighs.

How Much Does An Average Fridge Weigh

The average weight of a refrigerator is 250 lbs – depending on the type of refrigerator. French door refrigerators weigh an average of 305 kilos laterally

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