How Much Does A Plastic Pallet Weigh

How Much Does A Plastic Pallet Weigh – It offers inexpensive designs made from recycled materials as well as well-crafted designs made from virgin materials in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Stackable and stackable trays are designed for indoor and closed-loop use. Also known as warehouse plastic pallets and reusable pallets, they are a valuable and important purchase for any operation that considers long-term return on investment (ROI). Reusable plastic trays are great benefits and make the job easier. A wooden pallet has a typical life cycle of 5 hits, while a collapsible/standing plastic pallet can have a life cycle of up to 100 hits.

How Much Does A Plastic Pallet Weigh

How Much Does A Plastic Pallet Weigh

Our plastic shelf liners are designed for heavy duty shelving operations. We perform an on-site rack inspection to ensure that pallets with the specified rack capacity are performing as intended. For pallets that require further testing, we also work with external testing houses.

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For long-term use, warehouse plastic pallets are designed to be more durable than plastic shipping pallets. Not all plastic pallets are created equal. The durability of plastic pallets is affected by various factors. The overall design of the pallet, as well as the manufacturing process (injection molding, construction, thermoforming, etc.) affect the overall stability of the pallet. We carry out a durability test on all our reusable trays to assess their level of durability.

Contact us today and one of our plastic pallet experts will help you choose the best shelving, collapsible and reusable plastic pallets for your needs.

At , we have the widest selection of stackable and rack warehouse pallets and are constantly ahead of the competition in providing the right plastic pallet for your application. We test plastic pallets under a variety of conditions to ensure the highest value and return for our customers. Our representatives will work with you to create a plastic pallet that meets your unique needs.

Plastic pallets improve your business by providing the right pallet for your needs. To better understand pallets and help you make purchasing decisions, read our quick guide to plastic pallets. If you work in a harsh environment industry and/or have to store or transport heavy loads, our ProGenic® Standard pallets may not be right for you. enough. Therefore, Polymer Solutions International Inc. offers ProGenic® reinforced plastic pallets. This industrial plastic pallet is designed to meet the most demanding heavy duty manufacturing and material handling applications. This is the most durable plastic tray we offer, but has all the features you’ve come to expect from PSI® ProGenic® trays. Liangjun Plastic Pallets, Lightweight Pallet Polyethylene Wear Resistant Waterproof Storage Mat Strong Bearing Easy To Stack For Balcony Garage Garden (color

This 40″ x 48″ reinforced plastic pallet is 6.25″ long and weighs 57 pounds. It is rated for a static load of 20,000 lbs. It is rated for a dynamic load of 5,000 pounds and can withstand a load of 5,000 pounds. select edge Stands up to 2800 lbs. These pallets are made from one piece, tough, durable plastic that won’t bend, dent or break even under standard harsh industrial conditions. The one-piece flow-through configuration means that goods can be easily visually inspected and the tray cleaned when necessary.

ProGenic® reinforced pallets have all the features of standard pallets in a durable, reinforced configuration. this:

You’ll love these trays for their durability, efficiency and ease of use, but we think you’ll also appreciate our commitment to sustainability. Not only are our pallets free of halogens and other toxic products, we also produce 100% recyclable and reusable pallets. Each pallet can be used in multiple ways, saving you money, protecting the environment and helping to reduce the amount of waste your business sends to landfills.

How Much Does A Plastic Pallet Weigh

These pallets do not create a waste problem even at the end of their useful life, because we buy them back from you and use the raw material for something else. Contact us today for a free quote for your company on PSI® ProGenic® reinforced trays.

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