How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh

How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh – When I started backpacking, there was no such thing as “special” water bottles. We just used the canteen. First the heavy aluminums, then these plastics below – all available at Army and Navy stores really cheap!

We have so many custom water bottles these days, it’s crazy. Should we buy special walking glasses for walking when we can get them for free?

How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh

How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh

So what is “best”? If you do a Google search for “backpacking water bottles”, most of the search links will include “best backpacking water bottles”.

Nalgene Narrow Mouth Bottles # 8 Oz. / 250ml 24mm Cap

It’s the best that works for you. For me, most of the time, a modified (recycled) Gatorade bottle is best.

For decades, I used leftover plastic military canteens for water bottles. They weighed 4.29 ounces and fit in the side pocket of my Kelty external frame bag. In the 80’s I bought some Nalgene brand water bottles and some outdoor research insulated carriers for winter use. This compound protected the water from freezing. I don’t remember how much they weighed, but it was more than my military canteen, I’m sure they were more than 5 ounces, more than 6 May. Contrary to what some bloggers have reported, the weight of a Nalgene water bottle actually depends on the model. The bottom bottle weighs 6.25 ounces.

Some Nalgene bottles, like the one below that have been around for years, weigh less. I bought these a dozen years ago to replace my old ones that lasted over 20 years. These weigh 3.825 ounces on my scale and the Nalgene website says they weigh 3.75 ounces.

These nifty Nalgene bottles weigh 3 7/8 ounces on my scale. Insulated bottle caps are also indicated for external studies.

Spring Park 700/900ml Portable Sports Water Bottle Plastic Drinks For Outdoor Travel Light Weigh

In the mid-90s, I was in charge of a service station. We improved the facility, added a store. I was responsible for setting up the store and selecting the inventory. Although I’ve never been much of a sports drink drinker, I added them because marketing research showed there was a demand for them. One day someone left an empty 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade on the counter. I took it for a spin and noticed how light it was and how strong the material was. Hmmm… do you think it could work as a backpack bottle? Will it fit in my pack?

The answer was yes to everything, and the bottle weighed less than 2 ounces—more than half the weight of my canteen.

32 oz Gatorade bottles fit nice and snug in my old Kelty Model D4 backpack. The top pocket is above the bottom and can be closed with a zipper, while the zipper on the bottom pocket cannot be closed.

How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh

Even the 32 oz Gatorade bottles fit nice and snug in my old Kelty Model B4 backpack. Both side pockets are the same size and can hold bottles when zipped.

Plastic Bottles: Types, Manufacturing, Uses, And Benefits

As you know, a 32 oz bottle of Gatorade is about the same size as a 1 liter Nalgene. The size difference is slight, the Nalgene is a bit narrower and taller.

I often see people asking what type of water bottle matches a particular pack because the pack they just bought doesn’t fit their favorite water bottle. It seems that someone will check before making a purchase decision. When I bought my first Kelty backpack, I checked to see if the canteens fit – before I left the store. Of course, when you shop online, you can’t try things on, which is often one of the biggest drawbacks of online shopping.

A few years ago I bought two custom backpacks from Dan McHale. When I asked about water bottle pockets, he suggested two that would fit 64-ounce Gatorade bottles, knowing that he often hikes in the desert. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I got them!

McHale Bump Backpack with 64 oz Gatorade Bottle. Note that there are two drawstrings around the pocket so that small items can be attached.

Buildlife 1 Gallon Water Bottle Motivational Fitness Workout With Time Marker/drink More Daily/clear Bpa Free/large 128oz /73oz /43oz Capacity Transparent

The McHale LBP 36 Backpack is made of Full Dyneema and the bottom part is Full Spectra.

Many hikers use bottled water when purchasing bottled water such as Aquafina brand water. These bottles are stronger than you might think and work well. I prefer stronger Gatorade because cacti, cat’s claw, yucca, etc. As I walk in places prone to sharp objects.

I don’t always pick up Gatorade bottles; Sometimes I will use platypus soft bottles. However, I often carry a Gatorade bottle or two in my side pocket and Platypus bottles in my pack – usually because I don’t need the extra capacity when hiking – but need extra water for overnight camping. This way, I can roll the platypus bottles to save space in my pack.

How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh

Caption: Comparison (left to right): two 1-liter Platypus bottles, one 2-liter Platypus bottle, 32-ounce Gatorade bottle, 64-ounce Gatorade bottle.

How To Use Water Jugs As Weights

Because you can’t fit any of these large bottles into the consoles of cars and trucks, they don’t sell well in the aftermarket. In fact, you may find, as I did, that stores no longer sell large bottles. If you go to the Gatorade website, you won’t find 32- or 64-ounce bottles listed; Only 20 oz and smaller bottles. I suspect they are phased out.

If they were discontinued, I went to the local supermarket and they had large bottles and they were on sale. In fact, they were cheaper than 32 and 64 ounce bottled water! So I bought a bunch. I don’t really care for drinks, but I do sometimes on really hot days in the desert.

This is the bar. Next time, I will review the Platypus Soft Faced Water Bottle. I have been using them for over 10 years so should have enough time in service to be objective. Platypus water bottle review is live now.

Disclosure: I paid nothing for these bottles, they were free. However, I purchased a free bottle of Gatorade sports drink and drank the contents of the bottle myself without the aid, control, or influence of any person, living or dead, or any company, corporation, or organization. The opinions expressed here are my own without regard to anyone else, and I am not affiliated with Gatorade or its representatives. I just want to state the facts because most people do. the glass canister. From Camelback to Polar to the little Brand 20 at your local bike shop, you carry at least one of these on every ride you go out. Even the skinny among us don’t care about our beloved hydration carriers—they’re as essential to our bikes as the pedals—and yet we shed weight all over the place without spending a dime on carbon fiber cages and titanium bolts. So today we want to open our eyes here: we grabbed four bottles from our stash (all were Camelbox) and shot them for a frame of reference and maybe a little reality check. And because filling to the side isn’t what you might call an exact science, we’ve included both the observed, filled weight and the expected weight based on volume (a water ounce is 29.574 grams for those keeping track).

Lot Of 1000 Plastic Bottles With Caps 2 Oz Size Brand New

For those more familiar with imperial standards, there are 453.5 grams per pound, so filling even the smallest bottle is more than an extra pound. A large 25 ounce insulated camelback is close to 2 pounds.

Why should these weights matter to you, you ask? Because when your glasses weigh at least half a kilo and there’s a weight difference between Dura Ace 7900 (2,052g for road groups) and Ultegra 6700 (2,336g), the 284g Delta gets a good frame of reference – about half the price of these glasses in the cage – ie. In this example, the price difference between DA and Ultegra is easily $1000.

Obviously, the difference between Dura Ace and Ultegra is more than just weight, but one of the main points of Ultegra is that you always get the 9/10 performance of Dura Ace at a reasonable weight penalty. In theory, if you carry just 10 ml less water, you will save yourself a lot of money.

How Much Does A Plastic Bottle Weigh

Last week (here) we covered the new Giant Propel; One of the lightest aero frames out there. The Propel retails for $7,000 compared to the $3,500 S5, but the weight difference is only 546 grams – less than any of the above bottles. Aerodynamic arguments aside, with just one bottle in the down tube, the S5 becomes a serious contender for the Propel at half the price.

Ml Matte Black Glass Bottle

Be clear: the point here was not to use rational arguments to skew the data from X in favor of Y, but to help put the weight into better perspective.

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