How Do You Vacuum An Inground Pool

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Nothing has the appeal of a dip in the pool on a hot day. Not to mention the difference in being the coolest house on the block with the ability to hang out by the pool. Even if you keep this summer luxury to yourself, these waters invite good times all season long. You know, now is not a good time. Cleaning the pool.

How Do You Vacuum An Inground Pool

How Do You Vacuum An Inground Pool

OK, When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your pool? If you don’t want to spend time inflating an inflatable pool (no judgement, we have our favorites) or swimming in dirty, algae-filled water (not recommended); You need to invest at least some time in the right pool. . management. But with the right tools, it’s easy to make your pool shine.

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The best pool cleaners remove dirt, debris, and debris from your water. In addition to removing common contaminants such as dirt and algae, it will also help stop mold from forming on your pool walls. You need to approach your pool from two different angles: first, your water; Use chemical cleaners such as chlorine to clean walls and floors. By moving the top of the pond, leaves and bugs will not sink to the bottom. Regular cleaning of the walls and floor prevents the accumulation of algae and dirt.

It may seem like enough, but one way to take the stress out of cleaning is to get a good pool vacuum and heavy-duty robotic pool cleaner. see You can’t just pour the pool with a hose; But with the right gear, you’ll be back in the water and enjoying summer in no time. This is a bath. sliding down Vacuuming and scrubbing are the best tools for cleaning a pool.

Like a Roomba for your pool; These types of robots (also known as robotic pool cleaners) are underwater robots that manually clean up debris while you relax by the pool. for their price; They save a lot of time and effort. Some don’t cover the pool floor and your walls, but it’s still hard to leave you alone. Some have similar features to a smart vacuum cleaner, such as special cleaning modes and cleaning schedules.

The Blue Diamond RC is an absolute workhorse for pool cleaning, unlike traditional pressure and pump cleaners, and Water Tech claims this model does the job twenty times faster thanks to an intelligent navigation system that targets the right areas of your pool. . Good cleaning. The Blue Diamond RC easily cleans most indoor pools within an hour. With a special obstacle sensor; You don’t have to worry about him getting stuck on stairs or other obstacles (bonus: he can’t accidentally fall out of the pool).

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Blue Diamond RC’s proprietary filtration system stands out: of course; Cleaning brushes attract germs Can pick up common debris such as leaves; But it’s a great filter that vacuums up the particles you can’t see. An easy access port makes it easy to replace the reusable microfilter bag. It may not have the fanciest features, but knowing that the Blue Diamond RC has your back will make you feel a little more relaxed when swimming in a crystal clear pool.

Chlorine is one of the best cleaners for any pool, not only keeping the water clean and clear, but also the walls. It is a very effective way to care for the floor and the environment. a basket of skimmers; When you come back to cool off by the pool, fire up your float, auto chlorinator or 3-inch tablet and let the bacteria and algae kill.

HTH superchlorination tablets are one of the best, one tablet cleans 10,000 gallons of water and lasts for a week. Because these tablets release chlorine slowly, leave your filter on for at least 8 hours and you can’t beat sunscreen tablets.

How Do You Vacuum An Inground Pool

Like a travel kit or a Swiss army knife. Telescopic sticks are a versatile tool that everyone should have for pool cleaning. with one pole You can change the adjustable mount and change the rod – this is a skimmer for the pool; Instantly transforms into a brush or handheld vacuum cleaner. A little elbow grease is required, but if you’re looking for a quick, everyday pool touch, this is a must.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Inground Above Ground Pool Vacuum Set Skimmer Net

We love Vikii’s professional-grade pole because it can be extended from six to 16 feet to get into hard-to-reach corners, and it’s made from durable aluminum alloy, so you can use it for years to come. . Two slippery handles allow you to jump over the pole while cleaning and potentially lose all those leaves back to the bottom of the pool. The nozzles come separately, but this is a pillar for those who know that if you want to clean the pool properly, you will have to cut it yourself.

So you have a telescope, right? Roll up your sleeves – what to do now? The skimmer pipe allows you to collect all surface debris from the bottom and bottom of the pool (leaves, bugs, sticks, etc.). To avoid extra work for your vacuum (we’ll get to that in a moment), you should drain the pool every day.

There are two types of squeegees you can use: a flat squeegee to quickly clean the surface if you need to remove a couple of leaves, and a bag squeegee. We prefer heavy bag nets like this one from FibroPool because they allow you to store and collect more debris at once. It has two layers made from a special polymer blend and a strong frame built to last. If you don’t want to change the skimmer nozzle every year, this is your choice.

It’s time to clean the pool walls and floor. Before removing the dirt and adding it to the pool, it’s time to kill the algae. Before choosing the right pool brush, you should really consider the surface of your pool and what materials it is made of. If you have fiberglass, if you have concrete or vinyl walls, use a brush with nylon bristles. Stainless steel bristles can be used on unpainted concrete and gutters.

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Your brush will be in contact with many chemicals in the pool (walls, corners, stairs at least twice a week), so durability is always important here. But fitness is the name of the game, because you don’t want to feed your hands pasta after a few minutes – a wall appears. According to the brand, the unique “tail” built into the brush actually creates 10 times more force than a regular brush. This means that every corner of your pool can be cleaned in less than five minutes. Its nylon bristles provide excellent protection against algae.

To finish off the cleaning, it’s time to vacuum your pool, so cut out the telescopic pole. Ideally, you should vacuum the pool every day; But automatic pool cleaners can save you precious time by using a manual vacuum head to get around hard-to-reach areas. They are great for spot cleaning if you can catch potential dirt before deep cleaning.

Swimming Line (yes, the maker of the famous Giant Swan pool float) makes a triangular vacuum head that weighs quite a bit. The bottom weight keeps it in place when vacuuming in hard-to-reach places, and the shape is perfect for cleaning the corners of the pool thoroughly. Angled brushes help pick up dirt quickly, giving you more time to enjoy the sink. If you are looking for something more flexible; We recommend this vacuum head for its design.

How Do You Vacuum An Inground Pool

But of course you want your hose to work with your vacuum head. This well-designed hose is UV and chemical resistant; Flexible and compatible with most standard pool vacuum attachments and telescopic poles, you can get the most out of your handheld vacuum net. Connect one end of the swivel bracket directly to the vacuum head and the other end to the skimmer and you’re good to go.

The Best Inground Pool Cleaner Of 2023

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