How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma – When you have asthma, it’s important to know what’s going on in your airways and the common symptoms of asthma. Understand the symptoms of asthma, know what your trigger is, when you need quick relief (“rescue”) medicine, and when you have a medical emergency.

This inflammation, blockage, and tightening of the muscles can make your airways smaller or narrower. This makes it difficult for air to flow easily through the airways, making breathing difficult. This causes asthma symptoms, also known as an asthma episode, exacerbation or attack. This can happen at any time. Mild symptoms last only a few minutes, while severe asthma symptoms last for hours or days.

How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

Not everyone with asthma has the same symptoms. You may have only one symptom, or you may have several.

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If you have asthma, develop an asthma action plan with your doctor. An asthma action plan is a document that tells you how to manage your asthma based on your symptoms.

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ways to manage them. If you do not have an Asthma Action Plan, you can download and email an Asthma Action Plan (available in English and Spanish) to your doctor or print a copy for your doctor to complete.

Take your asthma medications according to your asthma action plan, and always take quick-relief medications at the first sign of symptoms.

Take control or preventive medications as directed (if prescribed). If you have all of these, you are in the green zone/exit:

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If exercise is an asthma trigger, your asthma action plan may include taking quick-relief medication before exercise to prevent asthma symptoms before they start (sometimes referred to as “pre-treatment”). It will be listed in the Green/Go area of ​​the project.

You are in the yellow/warning zone when you have asthma symptoms or signs. Signs and symptoms of worsening asthma include:

Take the asthma medications listed in your asthma action plan at the first sign of symptoms when you are in the yellow/warning zone. This can be a quick-relief medicine (such as albuterol), a quick-relief medicine and a controller taken by the side, or a combination inhaled medicine. Monitor your symptoms until they improve.

How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

If you are in the yellow/warning zone two or more times a week, this is a sign that your asthma is not under control and you may need to contact your healthcare provider (doctor).

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If you are in the red/danger zone, take your quick relief medicine. If your breathing does not improve quickly, seek emergency care. Severe asthma episodes can be life-threatening.

Babies, toddlers, and children may have different signs and symptoms of an asthma emergency than adults. Signs and symptoms of an acute asthma episode in infants, toddlers, and children:

Red/danger zone symptoms are a medical emergency. Take your quick-relief medications right away, according to your asthma action plan, and then get medical help right away. Call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.

Sometimes you may have early warning signs that an asthma episode is coming. You may have these symptoms before the onset of more obvious asthma symptoms. Knowing the warning signs and taking steps to prevent asthma episodes can help you better control your asthma. Early warning signs can be different for each person, but some common warning signs include:

Do You Have Asthma?

Your doctor can help you spot early warning signs. If you have warning signs, treat it as if you were in a yellow/warning zone. Take quick-relief asthma medication as soon as early warning symptoms appear.

Asthma has no cure, but it can be managed. There are two steps to controlling asthma: taking medication and preventing or controlling asthma triggers.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about your asthma symptoms and discuss any changes in your asthma control. With the right treatment and asthma management plan, you can reduce your symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life.

How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

If your asthma is not well controlled, your daily activities may be limited. You may miss work or school. You may increase the likelihood of complications from a respiratory infection. You may be at risk of going to the emergency room, staying in the hospital, or dying from asthma.

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Asthma can get worse at night. If the symptoms occur at night, it is called nocturnal asthma. This is often a symptom of uncontrolled asthma. This can be related to your body’s natural rhythms and changes in your body’s hormones. With proper asthma management and treatment, you should be able to sleep through the night.

Doctors sometimes prescribe a peak flow meter, a device that measures how well air is moving out of your lungs. A peak flow meter, when used daily, can detect a decrease in airflow before you notice the signs and symptoms of an asthma episode.

Peak flow meter readings help monitor asthma control. But they are only a tool. The peak flow meter reading alone is not an indication of asthma control. Always follow your asthma action plan.

Doctors use pulse oximeters (or “pulse X”) to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. Some people with asthma have low blood oxygen levels.

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Pulse oximeters, which you can buy online and use at home, are not as accurate as medical devices. Monitoring blood oxygen levels with pulse oximeters is not a recommended part of home asthma management.

Your allergist (allergy and asthma doctor) or pulmonologist (pulmonologist) may use various lung function tests to assess your asthma control. Learn more about the tests used to diagnose and monitor asthma.

Your provider will prescribe asthma medications to control or prevent symptoms, as well as medications to relieve symptoms. You may be prescribed two separate medications or a combination of them.

How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

The medications your doctor prescribes depend on the severity of your asthma. Follow your asthma action plan so you know what medicines to take and when to take them. Your program can call:

Asthma First Aid

Knowledge of asthma management is important for optimal health and quality of life. We offer an online course called Asthma Care for Adults. This comprehensive program covers the full range of topics that everyone with asthma needs to know. This self-paced online course is offered in a variety of formats such as videos, animations, tutorials, and more. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, a cough that you can’t get rid of can be a sign that you have asthma. & Immunology (AAAAI). Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects 20.3 million people in the United States. This equates to approximately 14.5 million missed work days for adults and 14 million missed school days for children.

For people with asthma, air moving through the lungs can be blocked by swelling and muscle pressure. Asthma symptoms include coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath.

If you have symptoms and they interfere with your work, school, or normal activities, you should see your doctor to see if you have asthma.

Each person has their own triggers, such as exercise, winter asthma flare-ups, or other triggers. If you have asthma, you can reduce your symptoms by avoiding triggers and working with an allergist/immunologist.

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How Can You Tell If You Have Asthma

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