Cost Of Pea Gravel Per Cubic Yard

Cost Of Pea Gravel Per Cubic Yard – Garden rock will add color, interest and utility to your garden. You can use them as permanent mulch around garden beds, create paths and paths, create dry riverbeds for drainage and more. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and textures so you can mix and match to get the perfect look for your project.

The national average cost of landscape stone is $250 to $2,500. Most homeowners will pay about $600 for 20 square feet of stone. The dry bed consists of gravel and riverbed. On the lower end of the spectrum, you’ll pay about $120 for 25 square feet. Three inch deep gravel cushion. At the premium level, you can pay up to $4,000 for 200 square feet. three-inch stone seating on the Mexican River patio.

Cost Of Pea Gravel Per Cubic Yard

Cost Of Pea Gravel Per Cubic Yard

The price of landscape stone is on average 25-900 dollars per ton. You can expect to pay less for decomposed granite or pea gravel than for more expensive lava or Mexican beach stones. Landscape stone comes in a variety of heights, textures and colors to meet all your outdoor project requirements. They are an aesthetic and economical choice for many projects, including driveways, walkways, retaining walls and garden beds. Whatever your vision, landscape stone will bring it to life.

Pea Gravel Mix

The price of one ton of river stones is from 80 to 280 dollars. River rocks are smooth stones that come in a variety of colors and sizes. Colorado and Rainbow are cheaper options. Cherokee and Salt and Pepper are at the top of the salary range. Since river rocks are taken from riverbeds or beds, you may have to pay more for rarer colors. Depending on the size of the rock, a ton can be 70% to 75% of a cubic meter.

The cost of landscape stone ranges from $1.24 to $8.64 per square foot. While you may pay per square meter of stone, it is not uncommon to buy by the ton. Many companies offer discounts based on how many stones you buy. The more square stones you buy, the bigger discount you get. A cubic yard is between 81 and 162 square feet, depending on the size of the material and the depth you want to cover.

River rock costs $2.75 to $6 per square foot. River rocks are small and ideal for landscaping and come in a variety of varieties. You can pay extra for rarer varieties and colors like Salt, Pepper and Cherokee. The more square feet. the better the price of the purchased stone.

The cost of a rock garden for one course ranges from $122 to $800. Decomposed granite or pea gravel is cheaper. Lava stones or Mexican beach stones are more expensive. The price reflects the color, size and type of stone. Some companies choose to charge by the yard rather than by the ton or square meter. A stone block patio can extend to 100 square feet. three inches deep.

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A cubic yard of river rock ranges from $130 per cubic yard to about $910 per cubic yard. The price depends on the color and size of the stone. You may pay more for rarer colors than more affordable colors. Likewise, the bigger the stones, the higher the cost.

Landscape stone prices range from $25 to $900/ton and $30 to $1,000/m3 depending on the type of rock. Each type of stone varies in shape, use, size and value. You may have to pay more for rare and unavailable stones. The table below shows the different types of stones and their respective values. The subsections below provide a brief explanation of each.

Decomposed granite costs $25-50 per ton or $30-50 per cubic meter. This stone is fine and is often used for paths, walkways and patios. It comes in a variety of colors and is screen-to-screen or screen-to-screen. Types of nets are more expensive. Weathered granite is a product of granite that has been eroded and weathered over time.

Cost Of Pea Gravel Per Cubic Yard

Crushed limestone costs about $30-45 per tonne or $35-55 per cubic meter. It comes in different sizes and designs and the price you pay depends on the quantity. It is available in different shades from light gray to dark gray. Crushed limestone has become one of the preferred materials for landscaping due to its versatility, availability, affordability and attractiveness. The natural color of limestone creates an attractive appearance and is used as an infill material for driveways, sidewalks and patios.

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The average cost of crushed stone is $30-60 per ton or $15-75 per cubic meter. As the name suggests, pea gravel is the size of a pea. It will be too big for the driveway; however, it works well for sidewalks, drains, or patio surfaces. Pea gravel comes in a variety of colors to complement any landscape theme.

Stone dust is priced from $30 to $145 per ton or $10 to $25 per ton. It is a by-product of gravel and a coarser version of sand. Homeowners use it extensively in small outdoor projects or as a material for fences and patios. Rock dust can be leveled to create a solid surface to support the weight of the sprayer or to fill voids.

Stone tiles start at $45/ton, with some grades reaching $280/ton. You can also pay anywhere from $50 to $180 per cubic meter of decorative stone humus, which comes in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and textures. Stone paving has a higher initial cost compared to other coatings, but it can last up to 15 years without maintenance. Stone mulch is great for drainage and for landscape beds, gardens and paths.

A ton of crushed stone costs $60-85 or $25-75 per cubic meter. It is a rough stone used for paving steep slopes and large areas. They come in a variety of sizes from 6 to 30 inches in diameter. They also vary in form, as they cover a variety of rocks, including trapstone, limestone, granite, and others. It is less decorative than other stones and has a uniform color. It has a very natural look that works well in many landscapes.

Pea Stone Per Cubic Yard

Generally, crushed granite is more expensive than its crushed equivalent, costing $75-100 per ton or $50-70 per cubic meter. Crushed granite is similar to decomposed granite, but is usually slightly larger and coarser. The colors are similar, with different shades of red and beige, but slightly taller. Crushed granite gravel can be used in drainage areas or as pavers for sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

You can pay $75-100 per ton or $35-80 per cubic meter. Bull rock is a recycled material that comes in a variety of brown colors and is 3 to 5 inches in size. The pieces are large and coarse and have a rounded shape compared to riprap. Creates solid and natural-looking beds and landscapes as infill and in combination with other rocks.

One ton of river stones costs 80-280 dollars or 50-160 dollars per cubic meter. They are smooth stones of various sizes and colors from old riverbeds and riverbeds. They are often used in landscapes that require drainage to prevent flooding. River rock is used to draw attention, contrast with green grass or shrubs and reduce maintenance.

Cost Of Pea Gravel Per Cubic Yard

Landscape stone costs $100 to $200 per ton. These rocks are usually larger than 10 inches, some are small enough to be carried by yourself, and others require cranes or machinery to move them. Their shape can be classified as round or square. Rocks create a beautiful accent, often placed in a dry bed or in the middle of a stone landscape. They can be used to highlight ponds and water features. They start at about 16 inches.

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Lava rock is a more expensive landscape stone, costing $120 to $200 per ton or $75 to $140 per yard. Lava rock is an igneous rock formed from cooled volcanic lava. It has a porous obsidian and glass composite texture. It is porous and durable, providing good drainage and coverage. Lava rock is a permanent casing solution.

Mexican beach stones are among the most expensive landscape stones, ranging from $800 to $900 per ton.

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