Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire

Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire – Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet is great for Amazon lovers who don’t want to break the bank. but as a general-purpose tablet

The standards for Amazon’s devices haven’t changed much over the years: pay a little to get them… Not much, but at least a bit more.

Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire

Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire

Hardware from the Bezos realm (like the latest Echo Buds 2) compromises power and features a bit to undercut serious price competition, and the latest Fire HD 8 tablet is no different. For just $90 (or $104 if you don’t want to see ads on your lock screen), you get a basic, mostly capable tablet. It’s great for those who have their paws in the Amazon ecosystem. If you love reading books on your Kindle and watching movies on Prime Video, this is the budget tablet for you.

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But if you need a social network for everything and a workstation with fast performance. You may encounter problems here.

Amazon isn’t going to reinvent its wheel with low-cost gadgets. And as expected, the Fire HD 8 has the same square shape as the other devices. If you’ve touched a tablet before in your life. You’ll feel instantly familiar with the overall look and feel. You can almost mistake the Fire HD 8 for a regular TV show tablet. Available in black, white, plum and twilight blue. Although that color only changes the back cover. but did not see any color when using the real device

The Fire HD 8’s lightweight 12.5 ounces makes it as comfortable to use on the go as you’d expect from a tablet. Generally speaking, an 8-inch screen is bright and vivid enough to show what you’re looking at. Although 1280×800 resolution is not supported under certain conditions.

For example, YouTube videos can’t be played at resolutions higher than 720p because the Fire HD 8 doesn’t have enough pixels to display even 1080p videos. 60fps (that I could find), which is really a bummer. However, the Amazon discount seems to be an issue on YouTube’s part. Other apps with high frame rate options like ESPN work well.

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I wouldn’t judge Amazon too much for the Fire HD 8’s relatively low screen resolution, as it’s a really cheap device. And even newer, more expensive devices like the $350 Nintendo Switch OLED still stand at 720p. Note that you won’t get a premium display, and YouTube is technically compromised on the Fire HD 8.

USB-C charging is a big new addition. Since previous models worked with micro-USB, and as always, I prefer USB-C for charging because it’s faster. And more importantly, I have about 10,000 spare USB-C cables. Another port worth noting is the 3.5mm headphone jack in between and Bluetooth support. You can listen to audiobooks or stream content on demand, hey, even speakers. Built in, it’s still loud, clear and perfectly audible. Unless you are an avid music lover.

I don’t like that the rear camera is next to all the buttons and ports. Credit: Molly Flores/

Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire

The only real issue with the Fire HD 8’s physical design is the rather awkward camera and port placement. The front camera is in a longer bezel. This means you will need to switch your tablet to landscape mode for zoomed calls. The rear camera is in the corner of the tablet on the same side as the volume and power buttons, charging port, and headphone jack. If you want to use that camera while charging your tablet or wearing wired headphones. Those wires will protrude from the top instead of the bottom. which is not important I want the rear cameras to be opposite each other. So the power button and volume rocker are clearly located below.

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Because the Fire HD 8 isn’t necessarily intended for photography. This quirky design can be forgiving. Asking for an extra $15 to get rid of ads on the lock screen is less forgiving. In other words, garbage is politics. Amazon does this with Kindle devices too, and it’s a ridiculous habit for a company that makes money from people. Enough people are already enough!

In addition to those complaints The Fire HD 8’s simple design didn’t bother me at all. The target audience is people who just want a tablet without spending too much money. and they will get it The screen will not strain your eyes. In addition, the weight and shape will not cause hand pain.

The Fire HD 8 runs Fire OS, the operating system Amazon uses for its Android-based Fire hardware. The home screen looks like a typical Android home screen with a grid of app icons, but it includes Kindle books, Prime video streaming, shopping. Direct online and more. Swipe left and right between Amazon-focused menus for if you live, breathe, eat and sleep in the Amazon jungle. you will feel at home

The Fire HD 8’s performance was generally good when switching between Amazon apps like Kindle books and Prime Video streams.

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Android experience is not available by default. Instead of the Play Store, you need to install apps from the Amazon app store, which doesn’t support every app you’ll find in the Play Store. For example, native Android apps for Gmail and Chrome aren’t available here. You can technically transfer the Play Store to your device. But it does require some technical know-how and might not be worth it for beginners.

There are many great third-party apps on the Amazon store, but I’ve had less good experiences with them than the original Amazon apps. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are slow and difficult to use. Just scrolling down your Twitter timeline feels like dipping your tablet in molasses. Sometimes, there are noticeable issues when switching from one friend’s Instagram story to another. Still, YouTube videos are limited to 720p and 30 frames per second. which is a display setting that newer smartphones can be easily handled

All of the above The Fire HD 8’s battery life is definitely worth the price. Amazon rates it at up to 12 hours, and I got close while using the device heavily.

Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire

Fully loaded, I streamed the entire NFL game, watched YouTube for about an hour. Listened to a few hours of podcasts on Spotify, streamed Prime Video, and lazily scrolled through my social media feed before plugging it back in. Overall, I got about 10 hours of use from a full charge. 24 hours, possibly longer if I don’t stream the entire football game.

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I never expected the Fire HD 8 to be so powerful, so I’m not surprised it had issues with non-Amazon apps.

You won’t find anything else in the tablet market for under $150 without knocking. Your options include:

Of course, the new iPads are no problem in this price range. There’s also the $109 Fire HD 8 Plus, an expanded version with 3GB of RAM and wireless charging. But otherwise, it has the same software and feature limitations as the Fire HD 8.

Needless to say, I have a problem with the Fire HD 8. It’s a relatively weak tablet aimed at people who rely heavily on Amazon for literature, entertainment, and retail, and as such, it fulfills these functions. Respect but lacking in other situations Popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube don’t work well or have all the features you need on this budget tablet.

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But as a true streaming device and Kindle, you won’t find better value. It’s nice that you can spend less than $100 for a tablet that can reliably stream the great second season.

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Can You Watch Netflix On The Kindle Fire

The value of the Amazon Fire 7 lies in its portability and price. It’s easy to point to another tablet with more power and a bigger screen. But only a few compete.

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