Can You Watch Movies On Kindle Fire

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If you think of the Amazon Fire HD tablet as you think of other tablets, you’re going to be disappointed. Technically they are tablets, but the technology inside doesn’t quite live up to what is usually associated with tablet computers. Trying to do everything you could on an iPad, a high-end Samsung tablet, or a Surface is frustrating.

Can You Watch Movies On Kindle Fire

Can You Watch Movies On Kindle Fire

This is a criticism, but more important is a context shift. I don’t consider the Fire HD 8 Plus a tablet. I consider it a tool for Amazon services.

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Review: A Good, Cheap Tablet With One Big Compromise

The price Amazon is charging for the Fire tablet is another indication that you might be putting it in a different category than the iPad. The prices are huge (and maybe unfair). Fire HD 8 starts at $89.99, the Fire HD 8 Plus I reviewed starts at $109.99, with the option to buy the $140 wireless charging dock package. There are three Fire HD 8 Plus for Apple’s cheapest iPad.

A $110 tablet is bound to make compromises, and the Fire HD 8 Plus has plenty of them. You get what you pay for. But when you also pay $120 a year for Amazon Prime on top of the price of your tablet, the Fire HD becomes all the more interesting.

The Fire HD runs Fire OS, Amazon’s Android variant. This makes the Fire tablet an exception, because almost everyone has given up on Android tablets. Only Samsung has put serious effort into developing the product in the US. it. And few ever sold it.

There are countless reasons I could cite for the relative failure of Android tablets, but the clearest I can say is that the most successful Android tablets only make sense because they function like great phones. This is basically how the Fire HD tablet works. Any app you want to use should look or play differently than the one on your phone.

How To Set Up An Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon’s approach to Android is to make it a gateway to Amazon services. Instead of Google’s app store, you get Amazon’s. Fortunately, it has the basic apps that this type of device needs to be successful: Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Spotify, and so on. However, there is no actual YouTube app, just a shortcut to the web app. It works, but it’s not the same as what you get on the phone.

(I should mention that there’s also a Verge Web App shortcut, because I was surprised to see an “Install” option during the initial setup process.)

Go beyond the content-heavy apps and browse your game library. You will find much more junk content there and less premium content than Google Play Store. And if you’re into productivity apps, it’s even worse. You can work out a way to get Google apps on your Fire tablet, but it’s a hassle.

Can You Watch Movies On Kindle Fire

Fire OS also has a unique look to the home screen: there are tons of tabs you can swipe through, each dedicated to an Amazon-centric service. And that’s exactly why you should really consider buying a Fire HD tablet: to consume content, especially Amazon content.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Review: Cutting The Wrong Corners Proves A Costly Mistake

Amazon includes a Prime subscription for $120 per year. This is enough to make anything but faster shipping feel “free”. I know many people who have spent 45 minutes looking for a “free” option on Netflix instead of paying $4 to rent a movie. If you’re a Prime subscriber, the content library Amazon has for you is impressive.

There’s Amazon Prime Video, of course, which includes Amazon Original Movies and a very solid selection of licensed movies and TV shows (namely a solid mid-2000s US

It’s Prime Music, Pandora’s acclaimed radio-style music service. It’s not Spotify or Apple Music, but it works.

It’s Amazon Photos, an excellent photo repository in the cloud. It’s not as extensive as Google Photos, but integrates better with Alexa.

New Amazon Kindle Fire Hd 10" 32gb Tablet Alexa

It’s Prime Reading, a set of free books you can get for Kindle. I didn’t find much information to like, but with enough research you can get something. Being a heavy Kindle user, it’s great to have my entire library here too.

That’s all great, but unfortunately, all Amazon content has a downside: all Amazon sales are up. With Prime Video, Amazon may try to get you to sign up for cable channels through the user interface. It is a premium version of Prime Music, more storage you can buy from Amazon Photos, a Kindle Unlimited subscription for a larger library of books, Audible and subscriptions to various newspapers and magazines.

Indicators for all of the above can be seen across the Fire HD’s home screen. You can remove the ad – for a $15 upsell, of course. Navigating the UI feels like tinkering with a subscription service, except you’re dodging them instead of trying to attack them. And I didn’t even mention that the Amazon Store is actually one of the tabs, so it’s super easy (for me) to suddenly start shopping.

Can You Watch Movies On Kindle Fire

But, and I really want to stress this, it’s a $110 tablet that delivers hundreds of hours of premium video content to Prime subscribers. Is it a slow tablet? Yes, but it doesn’t matter if you’re just taking a few extra seconds to stream a video or open a Kindle book.

How The Kindle Fire Works

When connected to a wireless charger, the tablet can go into “display mode” and behave like an Amazon Echo Show.

Wireless chargers are only $40 or $30 in a bundle. The tablet uses USB-C for charging, which is faster.

Amazon also deserves credit for supporting multi-user accounts and child accounts. That means you can share your Fire HD with your family without sharing email and other personal content. This also means very strong parental controls and a large library of content for children.

I’ve previously praised Amazon for the family-friendliness of its tablets, especially since Apple has steadfastly refused to build true multi-user capabilities into the iPad. But when it comes to parents, I’m not one of them. My colleague Dan Seifert and his family use a Fire tablet, so I’ll let him share his experience:

How To Take A Kindle Fire Screenshot

The best part of the FreeTime Unlimited service, which is included in the price of the Kids Edition tablet for a year but costs a minimum of $2.99 ​​per month for a standard tablet, is the ability to target content to specific age groups and use off -Features like camera, browser or purchasing power. I’m confident that everything my five-year-old does on the Fire tablet is age-appropriate, and since I can disable the browser and there’s no YouTube app, I don’t have to worry about where my eight-year-old is. Is. The old internet is. A year old goes. And none of them can make in-app purchases on my Amazon account. Amazon likes the timeout feature built into its FreeTime service, which allows parents to set how long the tablet can be used per day, down to the category (games, books, videos) it can use. But I don’t think the tablets are great in practice and in general we should take action and limit the frequency of their use. Most importantly, none of these features are available on the iPad, which has much better hardware but requires much more parental supervision when using it.

Here’s another comparison to your phone: It almost certainly has better specs, better performance, and a better screen than what you get in the Fire HD 8 Plus — even if your phone is a few years old.

To keep the price down, Amazon lowered the specs. Your storage options are 32GB or 64GB, but you can also add more storage via microSD. The processor is a quad-core MediaTek processor, which is faster than the previous generation but still three times less than most Qualcomm chips.

Can You Watch Movies On Kindle Fire

The screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800, which means it’s not very sharp. It’s not very bright either, and it doesn’t have good viewing angles. However, it measures eight inches diagonally. It makes it easier to read a book or watch a movie than with your mobile phone.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Plus Review: Is Amazon’s Biggest Tablet Its Best?

The “pluses” of the Fire HD 8 Plus mean that it has 3 GB of RAM instead of 2 and also includes wireless charging. The last one may seem trivial, but I love it. When you place the tablet in the docking station, the Fire HD goes into “Show Mode,” essentially turning it into an Echo Show-style Alexa device. The speakers aren’t as good as the Echo Show, but they’re okay for a tablet.


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