Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android

Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android – Amazon has disabled the purchase of books through the Kindle app, but there are some workarounds you can use.

Amazon’s Kindle is the world’s most popular e-book store, offering a wide variety of e-books for purchase, as well as the Kindle Unlimited subscription program. The company also offers Kindle apps on various platforms, including Android.

Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android

Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android

However, in June 2022, it was revealed that Amazon will shut down the purchase of books through the Kindle app for Android. So what does this mean?

Why You Can No Longer Buy Kindle Books Via Amazon’s Android App

Previously, you could buy ebooks through the Kindle app for Android, using Amazon’s one-click purchase method to seamlessly purchase them. You can also sign up for Kindle Unlimited through the app. That all changed on June 1, 2022.

“To maintain compliance with the updated Google Play Store policy, the option to buy or rent Kindle books or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited will no longer be available in the Kindle app for Android with app version 8.58,” reads part of the email sent to users. Kindle app for Android.

The change comes after Google released a new payment policy for Google Play Store apps that forces apps to use Google Play billing for their storefront purchases or downloads.

Google Play Pay means the search giant will get a discount from any purchase. Amazon clearly believes that any in-app purchases are no better than getting a share of Google’s revenue.

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However, e-books aren’t the only Amazon service affected by the billing policy. Amazon Music and Audible purchases were also disabled in their Android apps.

In its email, the company explained to users that there are three alternative ways to get new books:

It’s worth noting that the third option requires you to already be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, because with this change you won’t be able to sign up for the service through the Android Kindle app. So you must first sign up for Kindle Unlimited through your phone/tablet/computer browser if you are not a member.

Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android

There is also another solution, because we can buy books with the old version of the Kindle Android application (version 8.53). Then again, anyone with a new phone will get the latest version of the Kindle app and won’t be able to buy books.

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However, there is another option to try. Reader Jared Barneck notes that you can easily download the Kindle app through the Amazon AppStore, as this version still supports purchasing books. You need to download the Amazon Storefront to your device via the Amazon website and give it the necessary permissions. From here, you can search for the Kindle app and install it.

That said, the Amazon AppStore version doesn’t work on my Pixel 7 Pro because it’s a 32-bit version. It is also not visible on the second POCO device. So this method can be skipped for you. However, Samsung users can try the Kindle app on the Galaxy Store.

Alternatively, you can try downloading Kindle app version 8.53 from an app repository like APKMirror. Make sure that automatic updates are turned off for this app in the Play Store. The main Amazon Kindle app for Android no longer allows you to buy Kindle books. It was originally supposed to happen on June 1st, 2022, but Amazon released a new update to the app today, version 8.58, and when you open the app, it says it will no longer accept new product purchases. These changes continue to comply with the new Google Play Store policy. Amazon tells users that you can add books to your wish list, then buy e-books in a web browser and send the books directly to the Kindle app. However, if you have previously purchased eBooks, they will remain in your library.

A good e-reader broke the news in early May and everyone thought it would never happen. We’ve heard from multiple Amazon contacts that they plan to disable in-app purchases in all apps in June. The first app to lose all shopping features was Kindle Shopping for Android a few weeks ago. You can only buy hardcover or paperback novels, or mass market paperbacks. I’m sure it was a surprise to millions of people today when the Kindle app updated and users were greeted with a large pop-up saying that digital content purchases are no longer supported. The Shop entry at the bottom of the navigation bar is also gone.

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None of the Amazon-branded apps for Android allow users to buy audiobooks or e-books anymore. In-app purchases were disabled about a month ago, so you can no longer buy audiobooks directly, but you can still use credits or subscribe. Barnes and Noble quickly followed suit and eliminated in-app transactions for audiobooks and e-books. Why is this happening? Why did Amazon do this? It is mainly linked to Google to enforce their billing policy. They are now forcing developers to use the Google Billing system for all in-app transactions and will take a 30% cut for anyone making over a million dollars a year, which Amazon qualifies for. Digital books have small margins and paying 30% doesn’t make financial sense and Amazon will lose money on every e-book sold.

What can you do to continue buying eBooks on Android? Instead of downloading apps through Google Play, download the Kindle app from the Samsung App Store, which has a different billing system. You can also download the Amazon App Store and download Kindle or Audible apps because Amazon handles all payments.

Michael Kozlowski has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past twelve years. Newspapers and websites such as CBC, CNET, Engadget, Huffington Post and the New York Times have picked up his articles. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Amazon Kindle is the best e-book reader for mobile devices. You get features like a one-touch dictionary, Wikipedia support, notes, and the ability to sync your reading space between devices. Like Google Play Books, you’re not limited to reading only books available in Amazon’s library. You can add digital books you own to the Kindle app. Let’s see how to set books as PDF or Word documents in the Kindle app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android

Amazon lets you add your books to the Kindle app using the Send to Kindle feature. It works in different ways. You can send via email, use the Share menu on Android and iOS, or use the Send to Kindle app on your computer.

Amazon Won’t Let You Buy E Books On Android Phones Now: All Details

We’ll cover all the ways you can download eBooks to the Kindle app on mobile and PC. We’ll also explain how to delete books from your Kindle. Let’s start.

If you’re wondering, know the difference between different eBook formats like EPUB, Mobi, PDF, etc.

One of the easiest ways to transfer eBooks to your Kindle app is to email them using the Kindle feature. Amazon provides a unique email ID associated with your devices wherever the Kindle app is installed. You must send the book to this email address from your registered Amazon email ID or other authorized address. You can send from your phone or computer. So the method works from any platform.

Note: The e-book you want to add to your Kindle must be downloaded to your computer or mobile phone before you try to attach the document.

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The first step is to get your unique Kindle email address. To do this, open the Kindle app on your mobile phone. Tap the Other tab at the bottom. On an Android phone, go to App Settings, and on iPhone and iPad, go to More under Settings.

You will receive your Send to Kindle email. Remember or copy if your device supports it.

Once you have a unique Kindle email address, open your email address. To send mail, use the same email address registered with your Amazon account. If you don’t remember it, open the Kindle app. Tap another tab. You will see your Amazon email address. You can add other email addresses as shown below.

Can Kindle Books Be Read On Android

Use mobile email apps or open email in a browser. For simplicity, we’ll explain the steps for the Gmail mobile app. Open the Gmail app and create a new email using the compose button. Type an email address in the Enable box. Leave the subject and body parts blank. Tap the attachment icon and select the e-book you want to upload to your Kindle. Click the send button.

No More Buying Books On Kindle App For Android, Declares Amazon

If you want to convert your PDF files to Mobi format, insert the Convert email. in the mail subject field. By converting a PDF to Mobi, you can control font size, other formatting styles, and add notes and highlights. However, as mentioned earlier, you may lose some settings

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