Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle – Celebrate World Book Day 2022 by reading new books from Bolivia, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands and Ghana. You can download them to your Kindle for free until April 27th.

April 23, 2022 is UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day, and Amazon celebrates every year with a donation to Read the World.

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

For a limited time – until April 27 this year – ten of the funniest books written by talented, award-winning authors from around the world are being offered for free to Kindle users.

Websites To Read Books 📚 For Free Online! [updated]

The regular price of these selected books is between $3.99 and $4.99. However, happiness is not about saving money, but about books.

All books are published by Amazon Crossing – a publishing house whose mission is to introduce readers to award-winning authors from around the world. Amazon Crossing offers over 500 titles, including a free one previously offered on World Book Day.

What books will you read? I downloaded all the titles (as usual), but at the top of my reading list are titles by African authors:

In this heartfelt memoir, author and activist Laura Coleman shares the story of her adventure in the Amazon jungle, where she fell in love with a beautiful cat that changed her life.

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Laura was in her 20s and had no choice when she quit her backpacking job in Bolivia. Fate brought him to a wildlife sanctuary on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, where he was introduced to a beautiful and sophisticated puma named Vaira. Wide-eyed, naive, and with a silly sense of humor, Laura Scrappy sets up camp in her house. In Vaira he found a friend for life.

From an award-winning Tunisian author comes a fascinating parable about a world transformed and the power of any quest.

Sidi lives a happy life as a beekeeper looking after beloved “girls” outside the village of Nava in North Africa. When he woke up one morning, he found that something had attacked his hives and brutally killed all the people.

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

In these clever modern illustrations, Yamen Manai uses humor and drama to reveal what is happening in a world shaken by revolution after the world has stopped watching.

Amazon’s New Kindle Is The One To Buy

The inspiring true story of an imposter’s childhood journey from a rural village in Ghana to the streets of Barcelona and the path that brought him home.

Usman Umar is the son of a shaman who was born in a small village in Ghana. Although his mother died in childbirth, he spent his childhood happily working in the fields, hunting in the forest, and living an agricultural life.

However, as strange and mysterious flying machines pass through the sky, Ousman dreams of another world. So, when he was twelve years old, he left his hometown and started a five-year journey to Europe.

A fascinating historical novel set in post-World War II Palestine, where invisible war conflicts challenge the boundaries of love and friendship.

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Jerusalem, 1947: Judith, a young Jewish survivor of the Dachau concentration camp, arrives in Palestine Taken in by her uncle, her only surviving relative. When he hears that he is dead, he tries to kill himself in despair.

Judith wakes up in hospital to find that Hana, an Arab Muslim nurse, has saved her life by donating blood. As the two women develop a difficult relationship, everyone can’t help but be drawn to the political intrigues that are tearing the world apart.

DI Kate Young is on holiday. He is the best detective in the community, but his bosses know he has anxiety and give him medication to deal with it.

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

But when the police in Staffordshire call her back to work on a murder, what comes back to haunt Kate Young. With a new obsession, he begins to investigate a hospital killer who tortures his victims and leaves clues to destroy the police.

Last Chance To Get 10 Free Kindle Ebooks From Amazon For World Book Day

Encouraged by her journalist husband, Young begins to suspect that the killer may be closer than she thinks.

Heir to his father’s business empire in Mumbai, Ved Mehra has money, looks and status. And he is gay. Thirty-eight, lonely and still seeking a divorce, pressured by his resentful mother, Ved agrees to an arranged marriage.

Ved’s life changed when he met American Carlos Silva on a business trip to India.

As preparations for his wedding take a turn for the worse, Ved finds himself drawn into a relationship he never imagined – and he plans to take a bold step. Ved is ready to accept who he is and assert his true feelings regardless of family expectations and strict traditions.

How To Get Library Books On Kindle: Your Guide

Yuki Hirano has just finished high school when his parents enroll him, against his will, in a forestry training program in the remote mountain village of Kamusari. No phone, no internet, no shopping.

At first, Yuki is bored, holding weapons, asking stupid questions, and feels like he is worthless. Kamusari is the last place a boy from the city of Yokohama wants to spend one year of his life. But regardless of his persistence, the smell of the cars and the amazing beauty of the place are alluring.

Yuki learns how to cut trees and plant saplings. They begin to embrace local festivals, become enchanted by mountain legends, and may fall in love.

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

Helen lives a good and simple life. Satisfied with his work, he raises three happy teenagers and his family has a very pleasant home on the road. To be honest, she is getting a little frustrated with her marriage to her working husband, Werner.

Kindle Unlimited Review: Unlimited Digital Ebooks To Read!

Young men who had no contact with Ralph and Brian had a plan to make money: a quick home invasion. Helen and Werner are their chosen targets. With Ralph as a lookout, Brian sneaks into Helen and Werner’s house. But they don’t come out.

Helen’s nightmare is just beginning. He had no idea how bad things would get or how far he would have to go to protect his family.

When the mortal Bai Qian meets her husband, the heir to the Heavenly Throne, she feels lucky – until an old enemy threatens everything she holds dear…

As the warrior god drains his spiritual power, his devoted disciple feeds his body with his heart’s blood, until God’s broken spirit is reunited…

Of The Best Free Ebooks Available With Your Amazon Prime Membership

A story of great battles, passion, evil and magic. On his journey across worlds and time, he explores the powerful forces that drive men and gods alike to revenge, loyalty and love.

When watcher Farrow takes in a baby crocodile, little does he know that his story will travel far.

But the town of San Fernando de Apure will never forget this kind boy who played with the neighborhood children, attended Faro’s wedding and, finally, mourned him. Now her story is being shared with the world.

Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

In this beautiful picture book, published for the first time in Venezuela, the author takes us back to his childhood to tell the story of a man who loved animals and how his friendship with a cow created a lasting legacy.

Your Kindle Can Finally Read Epub Books

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This unique, sturdy, pre-painted notebook is available on the latest iPhone cases in several colors, including green, purple and purple.

From the German brand Nachteule comes a smart book light that you don’t attach to a book, but to your reading glasses. It’s so light you can clip it to your ears or hair accessories! The built-in battery allows you to read up to 200 pages.

The improved pillow version of the popular Lamical tablet now comes with a side pocket for a pen or small accessories. The veins are deep enough to hold a printed book. It is made of durable materials and is available in five fashionable colors.

How To Convert A Kindle Book To Pdf (2 Easy Methods)

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As a regular visitor to her favorite library, Ola is very interested in how books and libraries are changing in the digital age. E-books, print, audio books – to him, all books are the same.

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Can I Read Free Books On Kindle

What book turned you into a dedicated writer? Now you can explain! Click on the “Personalize” button and enter the title. A great gift idea for book lovers of all ages.

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These fun calendars include not only important dates and events, but also reading challenges and fun each week.

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