Built In Wardrobe Ideas For Small Rooms

Built In Wardrobe Ideas For Small Rooms – Some of the most beautiful things can come in small packages, and that includes rooms. While older houses, small flats and unusual bedrooms may not fit easily into standard wardrobes, at John Lewis in Hungerford our experienced designers are used to creating impressive storage spaces to suit even the most unusual of corners. From custom closets to walk-in closets, it’s possible to find grace in a small bedroom.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you go to unwind after a long day or sink into a lazy Sunday afternoon. Keeping your bedroom relaxed and organized isn’t always easy, and at John Lewis of Hungerford we know this is doubly true for small bedrooms, where every inch of space counts. With proper planning, we can help you make even the smallest room spacious and organized. Our interior designers have plenty of bedroom storage design ideas to make small rooms look airy and stylish.

Built In Wardrobe Ideas For Small Rooms

Built In Wardrobe Ideas For Small Rooms

Does your room have awkward corners or a slanted ceiling? Whether you need floor-to-ceiling storage or a set of drawers that slide into the wall, a custom closet can make the most of every inch of space. Pure minimalist rooms are ideal for compact, modern spaces, as their clean lines make a small room appear larger. For an ultra-minimalist look, dwarf-less designs also offer a sleek and uncluttered space.

Wardrobe Storage Ideas

When you have limited space, it’s time to get creative. Make the most of your corners and any other underutilized space by installing units such as wall shelves or nightstands to replace ugly nightstands. You can choose to place the shelves on one wall or add one tall shelf that runs along the perimeter of your room, perfectly above any dresser or chest of drawers. These layers of shelving can help make the ceiling appear higher, and with the right lighting, you can create the illusion of a larger room by incorporating more storage options.

A floating sink with built-in drawers and a mirror hanging above it is a great space saver and can add a touch of luxury to compact rooms. You may have a gap between two uneven wall spaces. We recommend combining them with shelves, which are perfect for storing everything from books and stationery to bed linen and perfume bottles. Any remaining space can accommodate decorative elements that make your room truly your own, such as candles, making it that much more inviting and encouraging you to relax after a long day.

Our interior designers have decades of experience with practical and modern solutions that save space. When space is limited, we can help you use every free corner, no matter how unusual. From sloped loft ceilings to recessed fireplaces, our ideas for small bedrooms are original and highly innovative. We have a diverse palette of colors that can perfectly match the warehouse with the environment. Try our high gloss finishes or bright eggshell satin tones to create the illusion of space.

Our interior designers will work with you every step of the way on the design, size, color and function of your bedroom storage solution, while our craftsmen will handcraft your furniture to your needs. All our creations come with a 10-year product and workmanship warranty, along with comprehensive after-sales service.

Fabulous Built In Wardrobe Ideas For All Interior Styles

If you want creative storage ideas for your small bedroom, schedule a consultation with our team of interior designers. We don’t just stop at bedroom storage ideas, we can also offer you a variety of storage solutions for your kitchen. We are happy to help you make any limited space or space in your home suitable for you and your lifestyle. If you are interested in making the most of your space, contact us for a free consultation.

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Built In Wardrobe Ideas For Small Rooms

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