Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight

Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight – You may have heard before that there is a link between birth control and your weight. And if you’ve ever gained weight while on the pill or any other hormonal method, it’s likely that you’ve been pointing the finger at your birth control pills.

But it is a worrying trend that more and more women are hoping that their birth control method will work.

Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight

Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight

Weight Thousands of women search for the phrase “best birth control for weight loss” every month – and experts say the concept is a hit

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Use birth control to lose weight,” said Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA, associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and obesity medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Not only are birth control drugs not FDA-approved for weight loss; There are no scientific studies that show lasting weight loss benefits from birth control. “

This could be due to the pill’s reputation for causing weight gain. Sherry A. Ross, MD, women’s health expert and author of

Says that many women who take the pill swear it leads to weight gain, although this is a myth. “The scale may show a weight gain of one to three pounds, but studies show that this is a temporary side effect that goes away after the first three months,” she said, adding that it is likely as it is common due to temporary swelling or wind.too much water pressure.

Stanford points out, however, that Depo-Provera, the progestogen-only birth control shot, has been linked to weight gain. “People may also experience weight gain with Mirena and other progestin-containing IUDs,” he says.

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If you’re trying to avoid stress from your birth control method, Stanford recommends trying combined hormone therapy, which usually uses estrogen and progestin, and avoiding methods that use only progestin. . Some people have noticed that Yasmin, a combination pill containing drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol, causes weight loss, but Stanford says this is likely due to a diuretic effect only, meaning that women just pee more while taking it without losing body fat. .

Experts insist that you should choose a birth control method based on how it works for you and how you feel, rather than on the effects of weight loss. “Contraception, especially the pill, has many health benefits, including shorter and more regular periods, fewer breakouts, acne control, and balancing your hormone levels,” she says. Red .

Gavin Casalegno from The Summer I Turned Pretty on the scene from the book that challenged him. Whether it is the belief that certain forms lead to weight gain, cause cancer, or affect future fertility, there is misinformation about contraception, which ‘ make up 99 percent of sexually active Americans. Women say they have eaten.

Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight

“Given the large number of women who use birth control at some point in their lives, it is extremely important to dispel the myths,” said Nancy Stanwood, MD, MPH, director of Yale Medicine’s Family Planning. deserve excellent medical care for this aspect of their health. As a health care provider, we welcome conversations with patients about abortion. We want to enlighten and empower them. We here to find out the needs of every woman and help them to know the procedure. That is the best thing for them.

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“People often have the misconception that all birth control methods are equally protective. But that is not true. Some work better than others,” said Dr. Stanwood. “I tell patients, in addition to permanent sterilization (tubal ligation for women, vasectomy for men), an intrauterine device (IUD) or an arm implant that provides the greatest protection as the pregnancy risk is less than 1% in a year.”

An IUD is a small, soft, flexible piece of plastic in the shape of a “T” that your doctor inserts through your vagina into your uterus. There are several brands (Liletta, Kyleena, Mirena, Skyla), all of which release the hormone progestin, which changes the cervix and uterus to prevent sperm from entering your egg These hormone spirals protect against pregnancy for three to seven years, depending on which variant the woman chooses. Another type of IUD (Paragard) is hormone-free and uses a copper IUD instead, which also changes the cervix and uterus to prevent sperm from entering an egg, and can be use for up to 12 years.

The arm implant, sold under the brand name Nexplanon, is a match-sized rod that is inserted under the skin of your upper, inner arm. It releases progestin and prevents pregnancy for up to five years by preventing ovulation and drying cervical mucus.

The most common birth control methods, including birth control pills, injections, arm pads, and vaginal rings, have a failure rate of about 10% per year. dr Stanwood says the problem is not with the method, but with the application. . “We’re not perfect. We are human and these methods require us to remember things. For people with busy lives, these methods may not be ideal,” he said.

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“Patients often tell me that they think all birth control causes weight gain, but there is only one method that is associated with weight gain, and that is hormonal injections of progestin every three months,” says Dr. Stanwood. “That doesn’t mean women don’t gain weight. Most American women naturally gain about 2 pounds a year , but it’s not the pill or IUDs that cause it.”

The contraceptive syringe, sold under the brand name Depo-Provera, contains progestin and stops ovulation, preventing you from releasing an egg every month and as that prevents you from getting pregnant. One study showed that women using Depo-Provera gained five more pounds over a year than those using a copper IUD. The reason why Depo-Provera can lead to weight gain explains Dr. Stanwood, that it can activate signals in the brain that control hunger.

Some women mistakenly believe that if they stop birth control, it will be difficult for them to get pregnant, especially if they have been using something called long-term reversible birth control ( LARC) such as IUDs or the implant in the arm

Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight

These devices only interfere with pregnancy when they are present. “You can have an IUD or a breast implant for two years or even just a month and if you don’t like it or want to get pregnant, we’ll remove it. It won’t affect your future fertility,” says Aileen Gariepy, MD, MPH, ob-gyn at Yale Medicine. “Just because you choose a method that lasts five, seven years or more, doesn’t mean you’ll have it for all those years. Only time will protect you.”

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Some women worry that an IUD will be difficult to insert; dr Stanwood says every woman’s experience is different. “In general, it’s like a normal pelvic exam with a Pap smear, but with a little more cramp,” he says. “For others, it’s over and they’re like, ‘Is that it?’ I felt nothing.” However, other women may experience cramps. For most, it’s a procedure that takes about five minutes total, with a few minutes of bending in exchange for several years of anti-thoughts.”

The IUD is inserted during a routine office visit. “After that, expect to see some that may last the rest of the day,” says Dr. Stanwood. Especially women who have just given birth do not have a problem with this experience, he notes. “I would like to tell women who have recently given birth that they will have the least discomfort when they insert it if they do it a few months after having the baby, because the cervix and uterus are mostly open.” that doesn’t let it bother me so much.”

Dr Stanwood jokes that it usually takes more to talk to women about IUDs than it does to insert them.

In addition, inserting an arm is a quick and easy method. Your doctor will use a local anesthetic to numb your arm and use a special tool to insert the implant under your skin. “We go through a small hole in the inner part of the arm and it stays under the skin,” says Dr. Stanwood. “It’s a type of blood draw or blood transfusion. Yes also expel very quickly. Besides, it is very hidden. A woman can feel if she squeezes, but she doesn’t explode.”

Best Birth Control For Weight Loss

The IUD and contraceptive implants can be used by all women of childbearing age, including teenagers. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that IUDs and breast implants should be the first choice for sexually active young women.

“If a parent of a teenager is wondering what might be safe for their daughter, the arm implant and the IUD might be the most appropriate for the teen,” says Dr. Stanwood. “It’s because you set it and then forget it. You are busy. This allows them to focus on pupils.”

Although some contraceptive methods pose a health risk, it is important to note that there are a greater number of harmful birth control methods.

Birth Control That Make You Lose Weight

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