Best Ikea Room Decor

Best Ikea Room Decor – High-quality IKEA decor items at affordable prices for a timeless home in modern farmhouse style.

I had this post in my head. Because often I look at our house and think, “Oh! I’m in love with IKEA decor.

Best Ikea Room Decor

Best Ikea Room Decor

I don’t know if it’s my Swedish roots or if I just like it, but when I walk into our local IKEA,

The Best Of Ikea For Your Short Term Rental Property

I would say you have to do it right. Because there’s a fine line between beautiful home decor and living in a college dorm.

So, in case you’re ever lost out there, I thought it would be fun to turn some of my favorite IKEA items into great value for less.

(This is not a sponsored post or anything. IKEA visitors don’t know I exist. I just want to pass on all the valuable information to all of you.)

Best IKEA Decor Items for a Beautiful Home on a Budget 1. Vadom Plate Stand/Stand

Ikea Finds That Look Expensive

This plate rack I got at IKEA is actually discontinued (called Galempi), but now they look very similar. It’s $70 and I swear I couldn’t do it for less. I painted ours with Fusion Mineral Paint Charcoal Black.

I love IKEA curtains! Most decor stores carry curtains that are 84 inches long, so this is the only place to get them. IKEA has options 96 inches or longer, so you get incredible floor-to-ceiling movement. They are $25 a pair! My favorite part is the fabric-like texture. I can’t even lift them out of bed.

You can lay them on the floor, or cover them with simple masking tape or heat n bond. (I think I should add mine, but we have a million other projects.)

Best Ikea Room Decor

My favorite piece of IKEA decor is these Lenda curtains, which look like a loft. They have nice stitching details. I cut the edges of my tops and hung them with clip rings, giving them a fan-like shape.

Top 10 Best Decorating Staples From Ikea

These curtains are my favorite in a playroom or kids room because they are light, flowy and have a nice tall texture. We’ve added pom-poms to them in an old playroom style to make them look like a pricier version of Anthropologie.

They have very cheap base frameworks and many of them already have bonuses. I love framed black and white prints because they are timeless. I have included free public domain images of vintage clothes for the laundry room.

I hung them on the foyer gallery wall with black and white photos of our family.

I swear it’s hard to find good artificial plants, especially cheap ones. Most of what you see at IKEA looks really convincing. They also have large true plants, but they don’t stand up to my black thumb.

The Best Ikea Home Decor Finds That Look Expensive

I got some boxwood for the front porch (this cypress would work too). No one would think it was completely fake, or even close. (They are seasonal and discontinued, but they have new artificial plants every 6 months.)

I have dedicated two blog posts on this sofa and how it holds up because it is a play in my book, especially if you have kids and pets. I wipe this cover down as needed, throw it in the washer, and it’s like a new couch. I

I’ve seen something almost identical in Pottery, but of course the PB version is another $1000.

Best Ikea Room Decor

We have both of these chairs from the Stocksund line and are very happy with them. They are really wide, like half a chair, and they are very easy to roll.

Trendy Ikea Besta Hacks

In our last house, we had an Ecthorpe bed in the playroom and the cover was easy to wash. Usually, I can wash a pillow case if it’s dirty, but not all items. It’s not as deep as Farlow, and it’s on the smaller side, but we like it.

We installed this pendant light in Olivia’s new playroom and it’s so cute! Sounds like something out of West Elm. Light fixtures are some of the best IKEA decor you can buy. It’s a little on the dark side, so it won’t be bright enough unless there’s other lighting in the room.

We loved using Billy’s bookcases for built-ins, we installed them twice! Pre-made ones are much easier and cheaper to use.

I always forget about the art and posters in the IKEA decor, but they have some great stuff that changes often. I found a cute poster of them in an old playroom and cut them up frame by frame for a pop of color.

Ikea Living Room Ideas And Examples (photos)

These armoire lamps that were on the nightstands in our old master bedroom were only $40 and look like the $100 versions I’ve seen at many high-end stores.

My favorite vase is this large glass vase I bought there, and I love that it doubles as a hurricane lamp with a large pillar candle inside.

If you’re a farmhouse fan, their white vases are a favorite for flowers and kitchens.

Best Ikea Room Decor

We love this step stool so much we bought two, one upstairs and one downstairs. We are both splashed with paint right now because they are the perfect height to paint our rooms. We keep them in our bathroom so Olivia can reach the sinks and we use them often in our kitchen so she can help us cook and cook whenever we need to.

Small Ikea Kitchen Ideas: 10 Stylish Designs For Tiny Spaces |

Their cork containers are the most airtight dry goods item in our store. They are made of glass, so you don’t have to worry about plastic chemicals. I use their Bijholm baskets quite a bit, mostly because I love their gray wash.

We brought love tile into our dining room because we love the look of decorative chairs that can handle a messy baby. It’s been 5 months since we bought these Henriksdahl chairs and we couldn’t be happier! The covers are machine washable, and to get rid of wrinkles, I soak them and steam all the pleats on the skirt. They are also very comfortable.

Last year at Christmas, I freaked out because their artificial holiday greenery was so cheap! I knew we would use it again and again. I got these white poinsettias for our sprinkler wall.

I bought some of their rotis in the grocery section and decorated them to hang as a garland. Very Scandinavian.

Best Ikea Products

Oh, and I have a list of items in my virtual shopping cart for my next visit to IKEA. I’m telling you… I have a problem. 😉

Do you have any IKEA favorites? I think our next visit will be outdoor furniture to prepare for summer. Last week I ran for almost two hours to collect a lot of flower frogs that I won at an online auction.

When I’m away from home, I always look around and take in the day. I usually find antiques and thrift stores, but this time I found IKEA!

Best Ikea Room Decor

I never miss an opportunity to go to IKEA, so after collecting my auction winnings and visiting a few stores, I went to IKEA.

Bedroom Decor Ideas Using Ikea Collection As Inspiration

My plan was to get a few more sets of white curtains for my favorite room, but I ended up with a whole cart.

Some of their new items are too good to pass up, and since it’s been years since I’ve done an IKEA decor post, I thought it would be helpful to round up some of my favorite budget-friendly decor items.

IKEA is one of my favorite places to buy curtains! Not only are they great quality, but they also come in 98-inch lengths, making them perfect for hanging tall and wide.

I have 100% cotton Merret in my study, bedroom and vintage cubicle.

The Best Ikea Hacks On Pinterest

I prefer real plants to artificial plants, but I have a few plants in my house that are too dark for real plants to grow. One of them is the corner of my room. It is in the backyard and gets only evening sun.

I learned quickly

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