Average Price Per Square Foot For Granite Countertops Installed

Average Price Per Square Foot For Granite Countertops Installed – Granite is suitable for all countertops thanks to its durability, affordability and selection. They cost more but make up for it in terms of value, appearance and interior design. Granite is a natural stone that contains different amounts of minerals. It comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and durability, resulting in a wide range of costs.

The national average for granite countertops ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. The average homeowner will pay $3,500 to install a 30 square foot home. of a medium quality stone work surface with a raised edge and no bottom. Low cost for this project is $750 for 30 square feet. common stone granite slab countertop. The top price is $8,000 for 30 square feet. exotic stone with custom edge, two openings for sink and low cooktop.

Average Price Per Square Foot For Granite Countertops Installed

Average Price Per Square Foot For Granite Countertops Installed

Granite countertops average $40 to $200 per square foot, with some exotic stones costing as much as $400 per square foot. There are many types, some of them are common and cheaper. Some stones are rarer, less available and cost more.

Price Of Granite Countertops Doing It Yourself

These costs are for discs only. There are other costs that affect the cost of the project, such as sink openings, curbs, blinds, and labor.

Granite countertops are most often installed in kitchens, but this is not the only area where it can work. You can use them anywhere there is a countertop or table top. After the kitchen, bathrooms are the most common place to install granite countertops. Bathroom installation costs are lower than kitchen installations because the bathroom is much smaller than most kitchen cabinets.

Granite bathroom countertops typically cost between $250 and $2,500. You can find pre-finished granite countertops with a sink and pre-drilled for faucets. They are thinner, cheaper and easier to install. If you use larger sinks and those with two bowls, curved fronts or other special details, do the same in the kitchen. Your vanity is designed and your stone is cut to size and installed. This can cost a lot more depending on the stone and vanity.

The cost of granite countertops in kitchens ranges from $1,200 to $6,000 on average. Costs may vary depending on the configuration of the kitchen, the number of dishes and the stone. The rarer the stone, the higher the price. Also, the thicker the stone and the more necessary it is, the higher the cost. Kitchen countertops are almost always cut to order. They incur additional manufacturing and installation costs.

How Much Is The Cost Of Granite Countertops? (2023)

Most granite countertops sold and installed today are slabs, which means they are large pieces of stone cut to order. However, you can use granite in other ways for less expensive countertops, including slab and modular countertops.

Granite slab countertops average $8 to $15 per square foot for materials. Granite slab countertops don’t have as many options as other granite countertops. Fewer stones are available in slab form. Most are also polished, without sanding or other finishing. Granite slabs rarely vary in size from 12 square inches. Typically, a 25-inch deep countertop requires two layers of tile and a 1-inch strip around the edge. You also need grout between the tiles, which need to be sealed frequently to prevent discoloration.

Modular granite countertops average $25 to $40 per square foot. Choices are also more limited with this countertop. Most modular granite countertops are thinner than slabs, so they require reinforcement. Not all granites are available in this form, and those that are may not always have the same color between pieces. Most granite in this form is polished, without sanding or other finishing options. While you will need fewer grout lines than tiles, you still need to take care of a few grout lines to avoid staining.

Average Price Per Square Foot For Granite Countertops Installed

Granite slabs range from $40 to $200 per square foot. This is the most common granite countertop. The tiles are very large, averaging about 8 feet by 10 feet. You can pick the exact disk you want, but you can’t do that in other ways. The board is cut to the exact specifications of the work surface and can be given any edge treatment or finish. Almost all granites are available in slab form, so you have more options with this type.

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Granite countertops come in many colors, shades and patterns. Each color group can have a wide variety of stones, from very common and inexpensive to rare, exotic and expensive.

When looking for granite, some rocks have different names. Granite can be classified in a certain color, but the piece can be of another color or tone. For example, some stones labeled “white” may be cream or gray in color. Even a single stone can have different costs depending on the quality and whether a particular tile has an unusual and desirable coloration. Below are the average price ranges for each color. Some stones are below or above these averages.

Many work surfaces are not classified as true gray. Many white granites are gray but have a white tint, so they are classified as white. The most common gray granites are also the cheapest. However, some exotic gray stones have excellent colors and higher costs.

New Caledonian granite costs from $30 to $40 per square meter. New Caledonia is considered “true” granite. Most countertops sold as granite are “commercial” or a group of rocks that contain some of the same minerals as granite, but New Caledonia is an igneous rock. It consists of white, black and gray patches that merge together to form a solid gray work surface. This stone looks best polished as the high quartz content means it doesn’t cut well.

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Steel gray granite countertops average $30 to $40 per square foot. This is another “real” granite. It is more uniform in color than New Caledonia. While the other is made up of many spots, the steel gray has a much simpler tone. It is well sanded or polished. This particular granite has little variation between slabs and little or no grain.

Bianco Kinawa ranges from $45 to $50 per square foot. This gray table top has more movement and character than either New Caledonia or Steel Grey. It has liquid veins and sometimes contains other colors or shades. It looks better polished, but it can also be veneered. This stone is not considered common or exceptional. Still considered affordable, it costs a little more than traditional materials.

Real gray agate countertops average $150 to $200 per square foot. This is an exotic stone. This is not real but commercial granite. It is made from cross sections of huge agates with rich shades of gray and gold. It is designed to be polished to bring out the stone’s slightly translucent shine. This stone has extreme variations in color from piece to piece and within a piece. Pattern size also varies greatly from tile to tile.

Average Price Per Square Foot For Granite Countertops Installed

There is a lot of cross between gold and brown granite. Some are classified as gold, brown, or a combination of both, depending on the shade of the tile. Gold and brown countertops range from the common to the exotic. Gold countertops are very common, and most are dolomite, not true granite.

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Venice Gold Granite averages $30 to $40 per square foot. This is a clear and creamy golden stone. It has a darker golden vein with dark browns, whites and cranberries. This rock is technically a dolomite – a metamorphic rock. It is more likely to stain than real granite and should be sealed regularly with an impregnation sealer. This stone is sometimes called new Venetian gold.

Giallo Ornamental or Giallo Ornamentale averages between $30 and $40 per square foot. This is also a light and creamy golden stone. It’s a little darker than Venetian Gold but has the same whites, golds, browns and cranberries. It is also dolomite and requires compaction. This stone looks best polished as small holes and cracks are common. Sanding or processing the leather reveals these marks.

Santa Cecilia granite costs from US$35 to US$70 per square meter. Santa Cecilia can be divided into light and dark categories. Santa Cecilia Light is a light, creamy yellow gold, while Santa Cecilia Dark has brown edges. Both have brown, white and cranberry spots. This rock is also dolomite and requires compaction. It looks better polished as sanding reveals small natural holes and cracks.

Coffee brown granite costs from $50 to $60 per square foot. Coffee Brown is a rich gray/brown stone with a red/brown broken patch pattern. May have gray spots and some stones can be very dark brown with cracks. Some discs may also have white spots. This is one of the dark granites that is not black. It is very durable and does not stain easily.

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Cabernet or Burgundy Cabernet costs an average of $75 to $90 per square foot. This is a quality stone. Cabernet is rich, dark golden brown. The background color is quite flat with a variegated, irregular vein of color. This stone looks best polished for its rich color. However, it can be sanded, as holes and cracks are rare.


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